This was probably the last Emerald Forest party this year and it was a GREAT one. In the tradition of all EF parties, they handed out only a couple of hundred flyers to keep it as quiet and as small as possible and still about 500 people showed up... all filled with nothing but great vibes. I saw more people dancing here than some of the other recent parties. Even the people around the campfire were dancing (including myself). All the DJs spun awesome sets and there were hundreds of bright smiles floating in the dark woods.

Cue started off the party with a heavy dose of funky breaks. Aaron the PIMP followed up with more peakin' breaks. Then CL McSpadden took over for an uplifting set of hard trance. Mitch Mills spun some very cool acid techno and Project 23 gave new meaning to progressive trance. Tigger came up next to play but, by then my cold had taken it's toll on me and we had to leave.

My camera started acting up on me so I didn't take too many pictures. I spent most of the night in front of the fire chilling out and listening to the music from a comfortable distance. I had a wonderful time, despite the nasty head cold. Thanks to Chris, Yvonne, Scott and the rest of you EF heads for making another memorable night come to life.


I had a great time b-4 we helped set up the party during and after the party. the people that showed up all gave the party a great vibe. 4 all u party kidz that vandalized chris' tiki torches consider yourself shamed. that was his own personal things he brought 4 all of us to use to stay aware of what was going on around the scene. other than that all the party kidz deserved to have a night under the starz and get away from "the real world" if u know what i mean! ne-wayz mad props to all the kidz that stayed after to help clean up the mess[u know who u are]. and a very special thankz to chris and yvonne 4 a very special night! P.L.U.R.

The "Eskimo"

Well I went to a desert party out hear in Tucson had a blast then went to the Focus fest the next day!heard phatty Jungle and Taylor kikcked ass!!left to early to hear Aphrodite.I am very upset!that kind of suprise should be given at like midnight or somthin!!!had fun any wayz. well maybe next time huh Charles?!Maybe Mr.Howll can go.


Emerald forest was a chill ass party. These kind of parties need to be happening more often. It just shows you that good music and great people are what makes us who we are. I love our scence although it goes in ups and downs sometimes.

Keepin It Real

Emerald Forest, like always,was a bad ass party. More people showed up then my friends and i expected, but it made it all the better. It started out small and nobody dancing then 12:30 came around and there were enough people there and they were all dancing. Good thing for the fires aswell, to keep all of us warm. CL Mcspadden was awesome like usual too. Good Job everybody for making it a great night with all good vibes and happy people. :o)


I dont nowl howell but Charles ended up bringlike 20 candy ravers over to the house and we all traded fruit necklaces and made beads for like 2 and a half hours!!!!!!Then it was off to the party!!When we got there set up the tent and we traded fruit necklaces for a littel while longer and made some more beads and danced for like 2 hours and we spent the rest of the time MAKING BEADS!!!!:0)


EF??? the only party garronteed to be the only one to beat the last EF.. the best people, the nicest promotrs, and the vibe to last a lifetime, thank all of you, in my 7 1/2 yrs. of this, seldom do i have the chance to bring new people in to the scene, and emrald forest is the best thing of this millenium,. thanks, luve, plur, and admiration, to all that care for the scene, and make sure all can enjoy it to the fullest extent possible. --J--with the glasses and hat.


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