Emerald Forest 6

A few great parties were going on tonight but there was only one clear choice or me. When there's an Emerald Forest gathering on I have to go, I don't care if The Pope is spinning at the Icehouse, I have no choice.

Emerlad Forest parties are like the Moontribe gatherings of Arizona. They are small, genuinely underground, attended by more mature older ravers and filled to the rim with the ultimate vibe. They're not about being star struck with big name headliners or mesmerized with sophisticated light systems. They are about the people, the Rave Tribe.

It's great to go to an event where there's no security, no cops, no permits, no walls and all the freedom in the world to do whatever you want. And you see not one person coming even close to ODing on anything, or even puking in the corner. Everyone exercises common sense and maturity with their environment and nature's chemicals. These are the events that give me hope and faith in the human race above all. This is where I can completely relax, open my arms and spin my soul into the heavens.

This particular event was held at a brand new location (somewhere near the Technomon's location) and it was very, very intimate. Only about 50 people showed up. But that was just fine - the vibe was still just as strong as ever. The only thing I didn't care for at this party was the dance floor. It was crooked and full of lumps and it made dancing uncomfortable and awekward. As a result, many just chilled around the campfire for the night and just enjoyed the music and each other's company.

Al, Dave Cordova, Mitch Mills, Jon Boy, CL and Michael all played great sets until dawn when we headed back to town. A few ventured off into the woods for a stroll but most stayed around the fire and just chilled in the most pleasant way. It was like one lump of group hug all night under millions of stars.

Thanks Chris and Yvonne for another great party - you guys fucking rule:)


=-) all I can do is smile after this party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The eskimo

WE LOVE CHRIS & YVONNE!!!!! There is no vibe that compares to a gathering thrown by our hosts. I heard more people stating that EM6 was not only the best desert party, but many believed it was 'the best party' they had ever been to. Thanks again to Chris and Yvonne for throwing this one down - Thanks to The Family and all the other beautiful freaks that showed up and added to the collective vibe - And thanks to Ramy for letting the world see how it can be done. ---GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This party was amazing!! First off-a huge thanks to CL and Yvonne for the invite! You guys are great! Ramy didn't mention that Jason (Boy Wonder) and Tim (Timothy Jay) also threw down some amazing sets earlier in the evening. The vibe was unbelievable. Thanks for a wonderful night and lots of great memories!!

Mama Cheech

I ve never been to the emerald forest but it sure sounds like fun.=P

Thats coolashell

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