Every Emerald Forest party has something great to offer. It's like a magic seed that stays in your heart and grows during the days after the party and gives your soul a healthy glow.

The vibe and the music at this party were beyond words. This was for the most part about kicking back and just soaking up the music. There was a ton of dark techno and ambient D&B that you normally don't hear at any raves. CL started the show with Underworld as Ken from AZ Underground played their video on the screen. Mitch Mills, Detroit Dave, Project 23, Entyce, Michael and Al, all brought something new to the table. Everyone was experimenting with a new sound and the result was a music that was as fresh and original as the night itself.

I didn't want to leave. The hike back was beautiful. We were surrounded by trees and tall, rocky clifs and cool running streams. At times, I was smiling so wide I thought I was gonna crack my lips:)

Thank you Chris and Yvonne. You guys ROCK!

Thank you chris and yvonne for a wonderful party... you two are the best friends all of arizona can have... we all love you and don't ever forget that...

Thank you ramy for posting these wonderful pics of the beautyful desert we all party in ....

much love to all the underground ravers out there...

The eskimo

my girlfriend went completely insane.

thank you

Here is my review in response to my boyfriend's review about me going insane.

When you have all the best stuff in the world in one place at one time it can be pretty intense. good job guys! the combination of the music and the video screen was madness! I truly thought that everyone was going to project to another dimension while i was shooting lights out of my fingertips and exploding mushroom clouds on the screen. the guys riding camels and the rowboat people were cool too and my boyfriend turned into a dancing cartoon rottweiler in a silver jumpsuit. but i really didn't mean to make all the people in the video run for the bomb shelter and i'm sorry if anyone missed their spaceship in the delay... I know i missed mine, probably those damn trolls...I need to have a word with them.

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