Emerge Review

This was second to the last party at the Thrift Store. I hear there will be one more and then, it will be shut down forever. A lot of people remembered Eros and the rain and the falling chunks of ceiling so, they were already complaining about the venue. So what? People complained about the Vortex and they still went and they still had a great time. So did everyone here.

The first thing I noticed when I got there, were the cops getting out of their cars and walking towards the main gate. "Oh, no" I said. The first thing the first cop noticed, was me and my camera walking also towards the main gate. "Oh, no" he said. And then, we both looked at each other and smiled, very cautiously. It was fuckin' beautiful. There were five cruisers there with their cherries flashing and I thought: "It's already getting shut down." But, they didn't shut it down. They carded a few people and said they will be back by 2:30 and if they find any underage kids there then, they will shut the party down. That's when the underage kids are thrown out of the rave and into the street where it's much, much safer at 2:30 am. (insert html code for sarcasm here!)

So, I figured I'll go in and have my fun for as long as I can. I mean, what did you do when you were out playing and your mother would say "Come in, it's about to rain"? You'ld look up to see if it were raining yet and if it weren't you'ld just keep playing until it did. So, I went to play until it actually started to rain. Incase you're lost, I'm speaking metaphorically. It never actually rained.

I spent about 20 minutes in the big yard chatting with people and getting in the party mode. But, I was hit with a nasty, humid heatwave as soon as I got inside the building. Upstairs, where they were playing jungle and hardcore, was even worse. Despite the high ceiling and the promoters efforts by proving giant air conditioners, the building felt like a wet oven. Most of the people spent most of their time outside chatting and chilling to avoid the heat.

So, when the cops showed up again to shut the party down, there was not a single protest (at least none that I heard). It was as if everyone anticipated it and accepted it. We came, we played, we went home. Or, in my case (and quite a few others) we went to the after party which continued through Sunday. Sorry... I can't show you the pictures from that one!

Hee hee... I couldn't resist. I'm just joking... I didn't take any pictures;)