I was on my way to Dragonfly when I heard there was a desert rave tonight. That's what I call an unavoidable u-turn! It took us some time to find it but we were determined and we braved the rocks and washes to fight our way to the party, somewhere south of Tonto's National Park.

I must say at first I was a bit disappointed to find out the music was mostly D&B and Jungle and we saw a lot of cars leaving on the way in which wasn't a good sign. But we decided to stay and give it a chance. I'm really glad we did because it turned out that this party had an awesome vibe. I noticed a very sober crowd, at least a lot more sober than some of the Nile parties. Yet, there was no parental supervision, no arresting cops and no government propaganda. So, how come all these kids weren't fucked up. Well, maybe it's because they do have some intelligence of their own. Maybe they can think and learn for themselves. Maybe instead of getting tossed in jail with hardened criminals, these kids had a chance to learn from each other and turn the meaning of peer pressure around. In this party, peer pressure meant "don't get fucked up! Enjoy the music instead" And they did. They danced all night under millions of stars and truly enjoyed each others company, responsible and free.

The vibe was so good that I even began to enjoy the Jungle and Drum and Base music pumping out from the top of the big red truck. There were a lot of great DJs and MCs tonight but the one who stood out the most was a new comer by the name of MC LUDAKRES (AKA Chris). In addition to his dead-on, funnier than shit imitation of Cartman from South Park, he can really roll his tongue and spit out a million words a minute. It was like an ultra sensory assault of unending verses and poems, strung together with righteous overtones and solid convictions. Although I felt his anti drug verses were a bit preachy and off putting, he did deliver the main message superbly and with an abundance of confidence. Not to mention he's only 15. He is indeed VERY talented and will most likely be successful in whatever path he chooses. The world awaits you Chris - show 'em what you got!

We stayed until sun up and headed back to town with a pleasant sense of exhaustion and a bundle of lasting memories. It's extremely difficult not to have a good time at a desert rave. Thank you E.W.O.K.S. for a wonderful experience. See you all next time.


Whats up Ramy

We drove to the rave from tucson and we stopped about 20 minutes short of the party and chilled by the salt river.Im tired of going to raves so we just stayed there for about an hour smoked a bowl and then left.But I had fun anyways. Electric Daisy Carnival JUNE 24 Bee there or bee square!!!!!!Check out the website for electric daisy,its bad AS FUCK!!!


what's up man I'm glad you enjoyed the show!! there will be another one their this friday. thats friday june 16th 2000. But it is going to be all trance,house, techno,and hard house!!! this is going to be it!!! and for more info call 779-SHAG!! hope to see you there!!! {and you to Ramy}late!!

Shaggy D.A.

Whats up Ramy Im the kid that told you winstons name(the kid going apeshit onthe speakers)any way thanx,and winston also gives thanx, I think what you do is very important for the c-een it gives kids somthing to look back on and keep going back to look at parties from when the c-een was good and about music not drugs and fights when plur kinda ment somthing any way ill let you go


What's up Ramy, This is Forty from E.W.O.K.S. thanx for coming to the show,glad you enjoyed it. Sorry there was so much D&B and jungle but we had alot of new great talent that we had to get there name out and give them a shot since no one else would. Hope to see you at the next party.


Hey what's up this is Djedi of eternal worship of kindred spirits I would like to thank everyone who came out to my first efforts in the world of party throwing I would like too say I am sorry for the short comings of my party by this was due to unforseen human error and I promise our next show will be everything that we say it will be So in closing I would like to thank living art for their support and I hope to see aal of you at our next party

Eternal Worship Of Kindred Spirts
jaime ruiz

Ramy thanks for the review but its LUDAKRES for future reference and indeed it had a good vibe I hope to spin at many more like that and mossdeff I will bring the MC,make sure you all make it to the next E.W.O.K.S party,props to them,also FND,Bosstyle and living art.Dont miss Quik mix on Aug.19 PEACE OUT


I fixed the name. Thanks for the correction.

Hey what's up?! I didn't get to go to the party, and I know Dustin ws hurt! :p Anyways, There's no doubt in my mind that Dustin Spun a PHAT set for Chris to MC to, why didn't this 16 year-old kik ass up an comer get any credit? He Deserves Love Too!!!!! NOt that Chris isn't a fly Mc, but Dustin rips it up too!! Much Love,


You're right. Dustin deserves just as much credit as anyone else. Next time... promise:)

yeah im writing about how this was a great party to me, this was the last desert party ive been to and i hope not the last. I want another desert party so bad,but who knows if well ever see one again. Lets bring back the scene the way it used to be.


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