This was perhaps one of the most "comfortable" parties at the Ice House. I like it when there is room to move around and be able to stand a few feet back to take some cool shots. The Silver Room also felt particularly cool and comfortable, specially for this time of year. The vibe was also very mellow and calm. Everyone was just chillin'.

The music was good, but not great. Maybe it was the over all calm mood of the patrons. Someone told me people seem to be there because they had nothing better to do. But there were quite a few who were really enjoying themselves and dancing their asses off. That's what raves are, anyway. You aren't "supposed" to behave in any particular way. Just enjoy yourself.

I like the SF trance flavor Ariel Cabana brought to AZ. She got a very warm reception from the crowd in the Silver Room which throughout the night seemed to be the most packed with dancers. Mischief ran into a few sound and mike problems in the Cathedral Room but the vibe stayed alive and they finally got it going. I missed the Digital Assassins act and only caught the long monologue at the end of their show. I wish the organizers start placing clear signs in front of the stage, stating who is playing and when so you know who the hell you're listening to and who will come up next.

I really like the Ice House and I hope they keep it there for many more parties. But I think the days of 4-5000 massives in Phoenix are over. That's fine, I always preferred the small house parties myself and I can hardly wait for the next desert party. Please don't wait for winter again. This is the time to turn to the desert for more spiritual awakening.


That party was wack!! You could here your self talking over the music, everything was exteremly unorganized. The Kids checkin your ID at the door were on so many drugs they didnt know what there were doing. All in all A BIG DISAPOINTMENT!


This was my first party since Thank You and I loved it. Digital assassins were just the shit and I danced my ass off all night long. I was the kid in the fuzzy tigger pants and I got to get right up front for all of the Dj's which was nice. Thank you for the shirt MC?!!!! Much respect goes out to all the DJ's that night and to AMP entertainment even though things didn't work out in the desert the Ice House was rockin' and I had a great time!! Thanks Ramy for getting me up on your page!! Hope to see you kids at the next party.


The coolness in the Silver room was do to the fact that they installed air conditioning(something the Nile has been needing to do for a long time) The silver room was very nice to dance in do to this. If you missed Digital Assasins you missed a lot, they ripped shit up, although i think they spent too much time running their mouths at the end of their set. Yello and Steel played a pretty good 2x4 until the dickhead cops turned off the generator and killed the sound in the middle of their set(DIE PIGS DIE!!!) Mad props to Delerium for some sweet deck skills


ramy,,, why do u think the days of 4000 + massives are over????? i like big parties!!!!!! is the scene dying here?????


I think the numbers speak for themselves. Anyway, I wouldn't mind those 4000+ massives if the vibe was the same (as in Musik '97 or Basics or the first Golden). These days, the small house parties are much more fun, at least for me.


i was really looking forward to a desert massive and was disappointed that the venue fell thru.I must admit i had a great time hangin w/my buds but this party was pretty bunk.what the hell happened to the jungle line up that the whole reason i made plans to go.anyways still had fun and was nice not getting crushed and having room to move.I agree w/christina the kids at the door were pretty fucked up and my friend walked right in to that party as he does at every party using his old ratty ass vendor pass from electric daisy! shows how much people pay attention.I just hope the crew who threw the party learned a lesson dont advertise and not come thru most of my friends warned me this party wouldnt be what everyone would expect and they were rightt


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