FLUD review

FLUD was one of those parties that could have been wonderful and memorable but... It just needed a little more planing and financial backbone, I guess. The fact that there were three more parties going on that night was also a major contributor to the lack of attendance which eventually lead to the shut down by the venue owner. The worst part was the looting of the concession stand which happened at the very end. Those people embarraced all of us for a couple of soda pops. It's those kind of people that make you turn into your dad and start shaking your head, whispering "&%#$ing kids!"

Still, for those few short hours, it was a fun and playful event. People were very observant about the no indoor smoking rules and there was hardly any trash on the ground by the time it was over (although that would be greatly due to the low number of attendance). People had a lot of fun skating around with their glow sticks and rave toys.

DJ Essential was wrapping up his deep funky house set when I got there. Lego popped up next with his usual endless break beat energy. Then, it was DJ Solomans turn to play a tight set of drum & base followed by Gary Menichiello with some of my favorite hard trance. Lost Boy played some happy hardcore for the candy kids.

I didn't notice if Jon Boy played or not. I think that was about the time when the party got shut down. We went to my house for a while and then, headed for Rise 'n Shine after hours for a couple of hours and back to my house. We made the best of it and had a ball, dancing the entire night and I hope every one else did too. See you guys next week:)