Funkin' Gruvin' Review

Brrrrrrr!!! IT WAS COLD! Reminded me of Basics (wish I had started taking pictures then). The drive there was a little too long but not as bad as the drive to Dodge. And the waiting in the car was unexpected; I actually saw a couple of cars turn around and go back. But, it was much better than having to wait outside in a line. Once I got in, I knew it was worth going. More land then eye could see (70,000 acres) and a great big covered amphitheater enhanced with two giant screens, one with nonstop, exciting videos and the other with programmed laser imaging. Jason Ayers did an awesome job as usual on the visuals.

I was met backstage by a friendly cowboy named Mad Bob who described himself as "rancher, carpenter, mechanic, electrician and fiddler extraordinare." I wish we could get him to play a little, at least around the campfires. Re Phil was laying down some intense tracks and you could feel the ground vibrating. The sound system was crisp and flawless. Bombshelter DJs came on next and got the crowd going followed by John Bishop that even got MY frozen ass on the dance floor.

Those who weren't dancing were either gathered around the campfires or huddled up in the giant Teepee. It was a great night. The groove, the vibe and the smiles melted away a lot of the cold... but, next time... PLEEEEESE... do this in summer time.