Funktion Review

By the time I got there around 10, Donovan was almost done with his set. There were a little under 100 people there (including the ones chilling outside in the large patio). After Donovan, C. L. McSpadden came on and played some great funky house mixes which he had been working on all day, including some from Madona's new album. It all sounded pretty good and got everyone (including me) tearing up the floor.

More and more people showed up and then, Essential came on and played some of the best D&B I heard him play at Funktion.

This was Funktion's last night and probably one of the best. I think it was due to the fact that there was more variety this time than before and many others agreed with me. It was sad to see it end. I like the venue. It's very comfortable and intimate and kicking back in the pattio is great 'cause you can talk in normal voice and still hear the music so, if a favorite song comes on you can rush back inside. Maybe there could be something similar here again but with more than just Drum & Base/Jungle music.