I was extra optimistic about this event simply for the fact that it was out doors. I love the freedom and the unlimited space the out doors provide. Granted, the dust in the Arizona desert is a bit annoying, specially when it gets near your sensitive equipment but, the vibe of these parties are well worth the trouble.

We got there a little past 11 pm. We saw a dozen or so cruisers just a mile from the party. It looked like the party was gonna get shutt down before it started but that never happened. Hyper Child got all the right permits and sat up the party in accordance to all the police requirements. The fact that it was held on a private land, far away from any residence helped alot also.

We could see the metallic structure of the pyramid built above the stage from 1/2 mile away and the lasers flashed over our heads as we neared the party. There were a lot of cars parked in a semi organized way in the field and a lot more were on their way. This party was gonna go OFF!

Simply Jeff was spinning on the main stage and DJ Dehga was entertaining a crowd of jungle lovers in the second area. There was dust everywhere. All the vendors ran out of dust masks right away and some unlucky ravers had to dance while breathing a little too much of mother Earth. On top of that, they still kept shooting that evil, artifitial fog into everyone's faces. Essential and others had problems with the sound system the entire night so, the third zone was pretty much empty of dancers and was eventually shut down. Michael performed another great set to a delighted crowd. Watch out for this boy, he's getting better every time I hear him spin. DJ Lion was moved to the main stage and rocked the crowd with a heavy doze of D&B. Markus Schulz played a great but a short set (saving his records form the nasty dust cloud) and Paul-E brought the sun up with another super-uplifting set of progressive and melodic trance.

There was some drama hanging over this party, some nasty rumors and some unfortunate facts. But from personal experience, I can say that if you didn't go to a party looking for negativity you most likely won't find it. I had a BALL. I took some of the best video footage yet and danced and ran across the desert like a fugitive. How much fun did I really have? Well, let's just say the after party lasted until Sunday night. Thanks Hyper Child for a job well done.