- Excuse me, are you from Dateline?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah. I'm sure.
- Then, will you take my picture?
- Sure, why not!

That was a conversation routine I had to go through a few times that night... It's sad that after 3 years+ taking pictures at raves some people still don't really know me and think I'm there to tarnish their fun. Fuckin' Dateline! I hate tabloid journalism. They went to a rave, passed by thousands of dancing souls, smiling faces and loving people and focused on a girl passed out for a couple of seconds on the ground from nitrus. It's like going to a gourmet restaurants with the best food in the world and do a review of the dumpster in the back. FUCKING DATELINE!

On the other hand, some of us have given people more than enough reason to worry (or stick their noses in our lives - depending how you look at it) with the drug use. I saw a couple of scenes at the Icehouse that would have been Datelines wet dream when it comes to sensationalized reporting. But I think we have started to do a good job of policing ourselves. An unbiased, un the level word from a peer is far more effective than the hollow preachings of the big brother. We may stand by and laugh when someone's eyes are rolling in the back of their head while they're barely alive in the corner or go wow when they say with pride they took over five pills the night before but we must immediately acknowledge how detrimental their action is to themselves, to the scene and ultimately to everyone around them. PLEASE! Keep your chemical experimentation private and descrete and always remember the difference between use and abuse!

Anyway, I shouldn't waste this review talking about drugs. It was about music, right? I didn't get into the hip hop scene in the Silver Room and I only caught the last few minutes of Anemademon and Hardleader, which everyone said it was amazing. I always came back to the DTS table to chill because the vibe there was great and the music was just my speed. In the Cathedral Room, Paul-E and Alex Ruiz both spun more new stuff and Derrick Thompson literally shook the walls down. TC Islam and Sonic Souljah kept the groove going in the courtyard almost until dawn.

This was without a doubt a great party , although, last year's Golden was much more memorable. This is Arizona, people. Fuck the city. Reclaim your scene in the desert. I know, I know! I'll stop bitching and do it myself. Nah. I'm just a photographer who likes to take pictures of people having fun and enjoy myself. I'm here to show those so called journalists how to report the truth. Besides, why would I wanna go through all the headaches and hassles the promoters do? They all bust their butts throwing these great parties for us and we still find something to bitch about. By the way, the water was warm;)

Seriously! Great job, Ryan! Can't wait for your next one:)


whats up people did u have fun????? if you didn't you were not at this years golden!!!!!! mad props to Ryan and every1 that showed for this party....=-) Thank u ramy for all the great pics that you have put on the net you have once again done a great job doing what you do!!!!! sorry if people have asked you if you were with dateline They just dont know who u really are!!!!! =-)see you at systemz overload!!!!!!!!

The Eskimo

Whats up Ramy,

Golden was dope.Ryan throws great parties and this was no exeption.I came from Tucson for 3 things,Flux and Rinse,and Danny the Wildchild.There was somthing wrong with the mixer and Flux and Rinse had to play there own records seperatly,DARN!they tore shit up!Danny was EXELLENT as well. All of you Phoenix kids had Betta go to Electric Daisy Carnival or you will miss-out on one of the BEST massives yet.We spent over 20,000 dollars on Carnival rides alone!! Its goona be at a Beautiful location that has never been used before and tickets start off at 20 dollars for pre-sale I would suggest buying tickets on-line to avoid not going.And last but not least,a big THANK YOU to Ramy for the shameless promoting and for takin my Picture.FUCK DATELINE;)

Insomniac Arizona

Golden 2000 was a great party. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't in the desert like last year, but it was my first time at the Ice House and I was thankful for the change of scenery. Anemademon and Hardleader were dope as hell. Their performance was full of energy and I couldn't keep my eyes off of 'em! TC Islam and Sonic Souljah tore it up! TC Islam MC'd even better then I had ever seen him. I was amazed. All in all, Golden was an amazing party. Unfortunately, I didn't meet my expectations, but how could you beat Golden '99? ;)


wow, the icehouse was....exciting? wait, that can't be right? damn straight yo, i used to HATE the icehouse, until ryan decided to take golden into the metropolitan phoenix area :) muchos gracias kids for going, i had a dope ass time. i better see everyone at electric daisy, cuz that shit's gonna be off the hook!! thanks again ryan, golden 2000 was even doper than the original, and a hell of a lot less dirty.


What a vibe! Golden 2000 was simply amazing. I was with Megan (the review above me) and I am just remembering walking into the Cathedral room and feeling like I walked into heaven. I loved dancing under the stars with bass pounding from wall to wall. Unexpectedly DTS turn out the most energetic sets of the whole night, even though the ground was hard to dance on. Every time I walked into the same room I felt like I had never been there before. There were so many positive people to talk to. I am so glad I was silber that night because you truly get to know how much you love to RAVE!


OMG!!!Golden was off the hook...I was kinda sad when i found out it got moved to the Icehouse but damn the Vibe and Talent made up for the Location...I like the Icehouse though alot of my friends couldn't get in becuase of they were checking ID's :( ....thats ok Thank you Ryan sooo Much for another GREAT party..Keep it up :)

Much luv



Golden was the shit. TC tore shit up like always. I'm glad it was at the icehouse a little less dirty and not as many 12yr Olds running around. Thanks Ryan for another sick party. DnB forever!


Gotta give Mad Props to Ryan! Thanx for throwing a kick ass Party! If you missed it, you missed alot more than a party this one was great : Music, Vibe, People. Thanx again for giving me a Great Night!!


GOLDEN!!!!!well let's just say that's one b-day i won't forget i had a blast!!!! ......................and the aftrer party........thats a whole other story


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