Apparently the citizens of Eloy don't care much for ravers. Even though this party would not have effected them in any shape or form, considering the bulk of attending ravers would have come and gone while they were all fast asleep, the police still threatened to shut the roads down if this party took place. But anyone knows that once a connection between kids and drugs has been established, cops can do whatever they please and that's where the rave scene stands as of now. Of course like the result of any other form of prohibition law, this means only one thing: the scene will be pushed back underground. Maybe that's for the best, since everyone complains about how commercial this has become. My guess is that it will fork off into two separate direction. One is the "accepted" glam club scene with alcohol as the drug of choice and the other will be some sort of dark underground squater type raves, with much smaller attendance. The only danger to that is the music of the clubs will become (more) cheezy and superficial and the underground scene might become plagued with many drug overdoses by much younger kids (since there will be NO supervision of such parties). We'll just have to wait and see.

But despite the setbacks, I found the vibe at the Nile very positive. In fact, there were far fewer e-puddles tonight and far more dancers. DJ Kane from (u.k) with MCs TC Islam and Shabadee were spinning on main stage and the crowd cheered them on endlessly. In the backroom DJ Static and Alex Ruiz spun to an overheated crowd. I didn't even make it to the basement because my camera was already fogging up, but I heard it wasn't as hot and humid as I thought.

I left in a couple of hours to go relax at a small house party, which is what I much prefer to big parties these days. I think Hyperchild did a great job moving the party to the Nile in such short notice and I hope next year he can find a more secure venue... maybe somewhere outside the US continent?


TC Izlam & Soul Slinger

Somebody hit this link above will ya??? The pics of Soulslinger sure doesn't look like Carlos Soulslinger. At least what I remember (scratches head)... I mean, I thought dude was a little older and bald!!! When the funk did he get the long ass dreads? Oh well...

I hear you though, Ramy. I much prefer house parties these days as well. Less drama. Tastes great. Hahahaha ha ha h... Shit, I'm rambling. Late.


Thanks for your input. I got an email from Matt Hyperchild and fixed it.

i live in germany now, but i went to golden '99 and that was the best party ive ever been to! i wish i could've been there for 01! doh!

anthony morreale

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