This was definitely a tight party with tons of great vibes to go around. Candyman, Gruv-E and Wild Childe throw awesome parties by themselves so you know you're in for a special treat when they join forces. I don't know why they were so surprised to see so many people show up. Shoe City is a cool venue but they really needed a bigger place for this one. Still, I think everyone eventually squeezed in and despite the tight space just about everyone I saw was having a blast.

They put a lot of effort into the decorations. There were giant, colorful mushrooms in the main room and the chill areas and the concession room were covered in florescent stars. In the outside area in the back alley, Ken had the psychedelic videos on a projection sheet and the tables were set at the very end, facing the long corridor along which tons of people were chilling out all night.

The sound system seemed to be going up and down some and the volume was lowered a few times but only a handful of people seemed to notice (or care). CL, Tigger and Paul-E all played some new stuff that everyone loved. Matt McCoy and Terminus also spun awesome sets. Sarah was also there with her Eye Candy booth, spreading sweet vibes.

Despite the great lineup and cool venue, I didn't stay long. We didn't make it there until after midnight and I was dead tired and left by 4. But hey! At least I made it out long enough to have some fun and catch up with some old friends. This was a great party. I did see a lot of people chilling a little too much (if you know what I mean) but there were also tons of people on their feet and dancing and I thing everyone there had a ball. I hope everyone made it home safe. I could hardly keep my eyes open on the way back. Next time I'm hiring a driver;)


damn, what i remember of that party was lotsa people and some dope ass music. true, i don't remember much, but hey, there's enough bits and pieces to place together to conclude that harmony was tight as hell. mad props to gruv-e, candyman and wild childe. i was losing hope in the tucson scene, but that party definitely proved me wrong. lotsa love to my boys at neropool promotions :) see everyone next weekend



Damm.....................Tucson is a bad A$$ place to party! This was a really creative party, and the creativity helped with the great vibe. =-) much love to CANDY MAN GRUV-E AND WILD CHILD For Throwing a phat ass party.

The Eskimo


I was so happy with Harmony!! I just started heading south to Tucson parties, and I know I'll be back for more. For the first time in a long time, the promises on the flyer came true. The Kidz were given a fairy mushroom forest to play in all night, and the vibe was a beautiful flow. Shout outs to all the new kidz I met -- Bubbles, Bodhi, and Divine -- and love to all my kidz who were there with me -- Rudy, Mark, Jenna, Duckie, and Nobody. Thanks to al the people who put this one together. I couldn't have asked for more! HUGZ from the Fresh Beats Staff,



My only complaint is that it didn't stick to the theme as well as we had hoped. The mushrooms were fun to hug, but we thought there was gonna be REAL faeries!!! Don't get me wrong-it was still a great party. Hi :) to everyone I cuddled with: esp. CodE and NEEna-you guys are beautiful!!! I hope I made your first roll one to remember! :) Hope we meet again!


WOW!!! Harmony was soo beautiful. Fomr the first time I saw the flyer I knew I wold love it. I loved all the faery's. Sorry, but I had to take one home to play with. My best friend had a wonderful roll, her little sister went(a virgin)and I saw all mY kiddz. Tucson has once again proved itself to me. I love all you Az PartE kiddz!!!


harmony was a dopE party, and it was prEtty fun gEtting lost in the littlE mazE of hallways. i thought thE multi-colorEd strobEs in the hallway wErE cool. i didn't likE thE fact that EvEry timE i rubbEd against thE mushrooms i got florEsEnt paint all over mE:)


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