House Connection 2 Review

Unfortunately, I didn't make it there until after midnight and the show was almost over (ergo, only 7 photos) but, I am still glad I went and got to check out Club Gotham and to hear Bad Boy Bill perform.

Club Gotham is not your average hole in the wall bar. It is very nicely designed with elaborate industrial motif, steel mesh dance platforms, wooden dance floors and it is HUGE. They had closed off more than half of it and there was still plenty of room to spare. Why we have something like this in Tucson and not in Phoenix is beyond me but I recommend if you ever get a chance go and check this place out.

From what little I heard, I could tell that Bad Boy Bill was a definite crowd pleaser. I thought it seemed a little too commercial for them to be selling posters and signing CDs but, no one seemed to mind and, really, why should they? After their set, Alex Ruiz came back on and finished the show. The only odd thing was that everyone was dancing on the wooden dance floor away from the stage, which was placed in front of a huge "carpetted" area.

Next time, I'll head down there at least a couple hours earlier to see an entire show. Club Gotham has a lot of potential and I hope to see a lot of great performances there. I think the Rage Club could be something similar, if not better. Maybe if the promoters coordinated their events a little more organized and the ravers in Phoenix were a little more responsible with their drug use the city might loosen it's chokehold on the rave scene a bit and we could have a decent Club dedicated to the rave culture... but, then again, I don't think "clubs" were what the original ravers had in mind when they started the scene.