Jackson Hole was hot and stuffy and a little too small and cramped for this crowd but, I'll bet if the party was held at the Nile a lot of people (including myself) would have bitched about it and some would have even boycuted it even though it would have been much cooler (temperature wise) and roomier. Jackson Hole does have warmer character to it than the Nile. The red brick walls remind me of the old fisherman taverns on the coasts. They also contribute to better acoustics and less echo. It also draws an older crowd which makes people like me a little more comfortable. Still, I did miss the cool AC that used to keep me from melting down at the Nile. This place felt like a sauna.

Unfortunately, I missed CL's set. I was told he would start after 11:30 but, he was already done when I got there at 11. Mindfield was playing a live set when I got there. Well, it looked like it was all off dat tapes. I'm not really sure how much if it, if any, was live. But, it rocked and got everybody moving. Besides, it was a refreshing change to hear some goa trance at a party. Although, I think they'd sound even better in a real desert rave. But then, to me, ANYTHING would sound better in a desert rave.

Liquid was up next and he spun what the flyer describes as breaks and electro acid funk. That also got the crowd moving pretty good. There was a break dance circle in front of the stage for almost the entire night. Tigger stepped up next and started with U2's "where the streets have no name." That song never gets old for me. I don't intentionally listen to U2 much any more but, when I do hear them, I still get goose bumps. Tigger has never spun something that didn't give me goose bumps.

Kevin Brown wrapped it up with a well stirred mix of hard goa and once again, the crowd responded by stomping away on the floor. I like Kevin a lot. He brings something new and different every time I see him. His style of music is as diverse as his haircuts;)

The sound system crapped up a few times and was a bit of a mood breaker. But, there was an abundance of good vibes to go around. It all ended at around 3am. You'd think I'd be heading for an after party but, I was just too tired and decided to head home. That's OK! There's a DTS party coming up in a couple of weeks... and... muhahahahaha;)


umm...it was a good part*e. omg talk about birthdays tho, there were sOoOoO many this nite!! we got there kinda late and had to pay 20 which woulda been ok if the part*e hadnt ended so early...I was happy tho cause i was again with the boy i <3 the mostest =) but i mean they were kickin people out just cause they looked like they were rollin!!! But the music was way good even tho i missed cl =( it coulda been a little cooler but the fans in the back worked...well till they turned the lights on. but neway i cant wait till coad and powerplur, them are gonna b awesome!! hope to see everyone there *muuuuah*

ms. vb

This was one tight ass bumping party. I've never been to the Jackson Hole before and i really liked it. It has sort of a club atmosphere and it'd be dope as heroin to see it open every weekend. I'm not a big trance fan,but liquid and kevin brown really had the place jumping. they werent spinning your typical slow noisy boring trance though, so all i could do all night was DANCE DANCE DANCE. I also liked the fact that we had 3 vendors there. When I was at Nocturnal Wonderland, they had a whole army of kandee selling kidz and i loved it. I'd love to see something like that at one of our parties. Anyway, this party was exellent and the heat, the humidity, the soaking wet pants even though i didnt step in water, and annoying kids in e puddles and not dancing didnt hinder the vibe or my time there. keep up the good work


The music ROCKED! The venue sucked. It was way too hot and humid and what's up with not letting anyone stand outside for fresh air?? Did they want people to pass out from exhaustion?? And it sucked that I missed CL, he should have been on later so more people could appreciate him. But besides all that, it was a pretty dope party:)


there is a reason I NO longer do K, and this party was it.... I missed some good sets i hear, OH WELL .........


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