ICU Review

I haven't been to an outdoor party since Funken Frozen and it was about time I went to another one. This one was a lot closer. It was held at Wigwaughm Stable (sp?) just about 8 miles south of I-10 on 115th ave. Kind of a coincident that the same people threw this one. I had just as much fun as I did then. Unfortunately, I fear I caught another virus, and just as I had recovered from the flue. Hopefully this time, it will be just a cold and won't last as long. Damn! I left Iowa to get away from the cold.

Anyway, the party was in full swing when I got there around midnight. I parked on the street and I could hear the music loud and clear even before I got out of the car. Oh oh... noise complaints, I thought. But, I didn't see any troopers coming down so, I hoped they would keep away for the rest of the night, which of course, was just wishful thinking.

After passing the fenced horses, I got to the large clearing where the party was happening. And it was happening big time. I felt the great vibe I feel at almost all the outdoor parties. There were about a thousand people there and at least 2/3 of them were dancing (instead of tucking themselves in the dark and dank corners of the Nile). There was one big fire pit in the center, lasers, toys and food stands on one end and the DJ/Video canopy/stage on the other.

Jon Bishop was spinning some trippy, hard trance and the crowd by the stage was absolutely wild. You could clearly see the dust level rise and hear the cheers get louder every time the music went into a build up. The sound was excellent: crystal clear and with a powerful base. The smiles flashed everywhere and the hugs followed. The air was clean, the stars were plenty and the temperature was almost perfect.

Most people spent the night going back and forth between the fire pit and the stage but, there were a few I noticed who stuck by the fire the entire time and I'm sure the same goes for a few by the spakers. It reminded me a lot of the mood at the Dodge party, just a little warmer.

Jon Bishop wrapped up his awesome 3 hour set and Kimball Collins came on to continue the vibe... but, it wasn't meant to last. He had played just one record when the sound was cut. Someone had called with a noise complaint and the cops were now here. People were told to hang tight. That they were just checking the permits and the party will soon continue. The sound eventually came back on but at only 1/3 volume and Kimball wasn't gonna spin at that level and he greacefully stepped down. Nimh was called on to continue but, that didn't last long either. The cops showed up again, this time with an ambulance, saying someone called 911 and reported that a person had overdosed. However, when they couldn't find any such person, they turned around and left with their empty ambulance. But, by that time the party was pretty much over. So, the promoters thanked everyone for comming and promissed the next one to be better and cheaper.

Over all, it was a very nice, cozy and comfortable gathering. No negative vibe to be seen anywhere. No fights or drunken idiots... and of course, that's why the cops HAD to come and end it. They always remind me of the rhino when they stomp on the fire to put it out. They see people enjoying life and they MUST come and put an end to it. But, it's all good, a lot of us carried the vibe to the after party. I think Let's Go Party people did a great job. I just hope the next one will go all night. They are looking into buying some land to use for such occasions. They should just make sure it's a respectable distance away from the sleeping rednecks.