Internal Mystery Review

As glad as I am that both Red Monkey and Internal Mystery did well last weekend, I hated having to choose between them. I knew I was gonna hear great reviews about the Red Monkey and hate myself for not going. But, all things considered, I decided that Internal Mystery was going to be something unique, mostly because of the location, and worth giving up that soulful house music that I love so much for one night.

I wanted to see what would a rave be like at an amusement park. I've always thought all the spectator stadiums would be the best place for raves and hated to see all that great space go to absolute waste on weekend nights. I also believe it's so pathetic that the mainstream populous go to the stadiums to sit on their lazy asses, get drunk, stuff their faces with junk and maybe get into a fight afterwards to make it an exciting evening. Meanwhile, all the kids are denied to go there (even at 4 am when no one else has any other use for it) to dance, soak up great music, celebrate life and simply love each other. They always say kids are on drugs and someone will eventually get hurt or killed. I like to know how many people have been hurt or killed at football games just in the last year, just in this country and compare that to all the raves that ever took place.

I felt that Internal Mystery came very close to fulfilling that dream of mine. Let's Go! Promotions utilized a well established public place such as Castles and Coasters to throw a rave. They did that in the redneck town of Phoenix with redneck cops and redneck city officials. How they pulled it off is beyond me. My guess is they put something very "positive" in the coffee at the meeting;)

The moment we got there, we realized it was gonna go off. At 11 pm there were around 500 kids outside and more were arriving in droves. All night long, I hoped the party would not get shut down... and it didn't. It went without an incident 'till daylight. Cool! Cool! Cool!

This was not a party to sit in one place or dance in front of one speaker the entire night. This was about wandering around and enjoying everything the whole venue had to offer. Lots of great rides (that were all part of your ticket), lots of great music and endless sea of happy people, dancing and smiling everywhere. Jon Bishop, DJ Jelo and Nimh all played fanfuckintastic sets and each one had moments of grandeur when the whole crowd got on their toes and cheered their guts out for them. I felt so great about the whole thing that I even danced to the Happy Hardcore set that Nimh played at 6:30 am. Last time I did that was when Kevin Brown closed Musik 97 with a heavy dose of HH.

Mad props to Kris and Mimi from Let's Go! Promotions for giving Arizona a breath of fresh air and lots of love to all of you ravers out there:)