We got to the party around midnight. Pete Salaz was spinning great house on the main stage. Downstairs Clokwise and Moniker were spinning a tight set of 2x2 D&B and Hip Step. The crowd downstairs seemed more into serious dancing than the one upstairs. I saw a LOT of open room on the main dance floor. But I think over all they did OK. People told me the music really picked up when Pete Salaz took the stage and the crowd continued cheering for Robert Armani who came up next.

There were some complaints about the tweeters sounding awful. I guess you have to move around the room until your ears find a comfortable spot. The visuals however, were great. A bank of multi colored laser beams shot off from the main stage and projected dancing lights on the fine mesh curtains hanging from the ceiling.

Unfortunately the people I brought with me didn't like the scene much and we had to leave by 2 am. I hope everyone else had a good time. Good job Inkblotch. Looking forward to the next party.


I thought the party was a very good effort, the draw back was Lisa Ds' set which I thought was decent. Pete Salaz woke up the crowd right after her though...Nice to see Pete after a couple of years. The lazers did kick butt I havn't seen a good light display in while. I didn't like the 2x4 jungle set, it sound a bit over drawn and there was scratching where it didn't need to have that particular sound come in at. I thought Muppetfucker rocked that small crowd downstairs, I saw people leave when he came on and did a u-turn soon as he put his first record on...I talked to Noah after his set and what he thought of the scene here. He said he thought everyone was very friendly but alot young kids where there...Unfortunatly he said he was still commited to retirement...Maybe we can change his mind with a letter the only thing that pissed me off was toward the end of his set they decided to change out the they couln't wait tell he was off..other than that I fun...and it was at the Nile..


I want to take time to thank each and every person who came out saturday night making it such a wonderful night.

Im sorry we had to use the Nile, but with what we had invested into the event, and the laws regarding the lasers - it was a nice secure venue for it all. As you can tell, we went all out to try and transform it into something a little different than usual. We put 10 fans in there to cool it down, covered up alot of the icky nile look, and had unique additions to the rooms (the red light, the couch, the chill area). I hope it wasnt the venue that prohibited our attendance last night.

The people that came out were amazing. All of the talent was incredible too. From Lois Layne (whose track was stuck in my head ALL NIGHT LONG), to Mark Roble, Lysa D, Pete Salaz, Robert Armani (i told ye all of little faith that he would show up), Noahphex, Intensity, Pablo Gomez, Reason, Clokwize, and Moniker - i dont think I heard a bad set all night long.

The lasers were intense, and just as promised, like nothing done in AZ in recent history. They were so intense we had to cut one of the lasers out half throught he night and double the power on the other one because they were drawng more power than the nile could support. I hope more promoters bring out intense laser shows, they are well worth the money.

I would also like to take time to thank Ramy from Living Art, Sarah Gianetto from the Rep Magazine, Inertia, Angel from Liquid Volume Magazine, Dave K from Plur2k, Paul from DTS, and Substation for coming out and documenting the event via video, photos, and reviews.

I hope you all enjoyed yourself as much as I did. On top of that, a public thanks to EVERYONE who helped setup the Nile to look so good. And a special thanks to Heaven from Sonic Assault for the phone couch.

Again, thank you to everyone who came out to support productions in our attempt to "do what others only promise to" and kick it up a notch. We love you AZ.


thank you Ramy for coming out... and PLEASE thank your friends for sticking it out as long as they did. =b

Its Got To Be Funky was FUN.

Swell / Inkblotch

boom badda boom!

yeah the music was GREAT. Had to leave early though ( lil brother , curfew). Inkblotch did a fantastic job with the whole event, i was very impressed ! I dug the whole *dress-up* thing they did too ;) They made the Nile look nice! Shiloh n crew, you guys did an amazing job , keep up the good work!

Ps> umm AZ , when are we all gonna unite and throw one HUGE event!

Well...King Kai....

1) what the $%&* does "overdrawn sound" mean? If the sound issues were a problem, thats on the sound guy, not the DJs. You may not know this, but the signals get split when you have 4 decks plugged into a mixing board, meaning each set of decks is halved in volume. Like I said, take up sound issues with the sound guy, Justin, from Swell/GOD sound.

2) There were about 40+ people screaming and cheering when we ended the "2x4 jungle set" (obviously you didnt notice we were mixing in and out of hip hop tracks too), so we must have done something right.

3) you like happy hardcore for God's sake, what the hell do you know about music??? LMAO!

4) Speaking of which, happy hardcore guy, what the hell do you know about scratching, and where and when it should be "placed IN THE MUSIC"? You MAY OR MAY NOT KNOW THIS, BUT HIP HOP INVENTED SCRATCHING, SO THEREFORE DURING A HIP HOP TRACK IS THE PERFECT PLACE TO PUT SCRATCHING. DER.


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