Well, I finally got my digital camera so now I can upload the pics a lot quicker to the site. But I'm still learning how to use it so please bare with me. Some of the photos are a bit out of focus.

Sonic Assault threw another great party this Saturday with great DJs, great sound system and a great venue. So... where were you folks? This party had a lower turnout than the Nile parties. You guys missed a great big wide dance floor and an awesome sound. Someone said maybe this party needed a very big headliner. But should that be a reason to go to a rave any more?

Anyways, I had a good time and so did everyone else who did show up. There was bowling, a bar and plenty of comfortable booths and for a couple of bucks you could get a huge soda to quench your thirst.

Jae Van was spinning techno in the bowling lanes when I got there around midnight. Joe Penilli mixed house in the bar while DJ Eclipse dominated the main stage with trance and techno. The sound by God could not be any better and the visuals were also great. When I went back to the bowling area Ben Solar was spinning like mad and people were dancing everywhere. Sinbad showed up later on the main stage to spin some tight house music but by then most of the people had left so I put the camera down and had a ball dancing by myself. Thank you Sinbad:)

The party ended around 3:30am and we headed home. I was invited to this party mainly to video tape it but I kept waiting for a big crowd to form and it never happened. I heard they weren't letting people under 18 in after midnight. Maybe if they kept the liquor bar closed they would have had a better turn out. I'm still glad I went and I really hope to see a much bigger crowd next time. Thank you Heaven and Sonic Assault for all your efforts


It was sure nice to see you again ramy! You were there at my first party and I had occasionally wondered where you went off to. Though you do look a little differnt with the lights on ;)

I drove for a hour to get to the location, a little lost at first, but IT was extremly refreshing to go someplace I had never gone before. Exploring is the greatest adventure of all. If there were more people there, It would have been great, but there was a decent mix of people I knew and people I did not.

Though I wandered most of the night lost, not knowing whether to dance or stare at blank space and imagine people... The live music in the big room was fantastic to my ears. I am rarely impressed by most music anymore... It seems like all the old stuff Is the only thing worth my time. But I do enjoy PA's and screaming acid arppiegos and breaks. Gets the blood pumping and reminds me I'm still alive.

Will it ever be the same again? Its been said since one of your first rave posts in this site, that It was always better in the older days... and I've mainly restricted myself to underground, and word of mouth desert outtings which verge on the thin line of camping with friends and being lost in the desert with some turntables...

But I have to come back every once In a while. I dont call it a scene. To me, that label is too restrictive for something as uncontrollable as the kind of people that go to these events. I think I just keep going back becuase I do not wish to miss that surprise which is bound to happen. Not a big wonderful party. Not to be on drugs. But to be in that 'moment' again... where suddingly it all makes sense. What a addiction...

-rayray thanks you for your work in this site.

I wondered back to this week, next thing I know this "new venue" is posted with pictures from March 16th. I said, "I was out there this weekend!" and had a good time at that. Previously before I left for Michigan from living in Arizona for three years, Frankie Bones spun at this location. It was very, very, very tight. I did not see Frankie before that and I was impressed with his whole show. I have to say though that Ben Solar got most of my attention that night. He can throw down on some vinyl. His hard house and house will dance you through the night. Anyway enough about Ben.

The party was going off pretty well considering they didn't let people under 18 in after midnight. On one hand that was a good thing and on another a bad. Who knows, I think a good venue should have a bar anyway and that a more older crowd is sometimes good. I love everyone who shows up at every event I attend with great appreciation. It's all of us who love the music and the vibe that keep coming back for more. Some people may have seen me dancing usually in front of the DJ playing the house or breakbeats. It really is the best way to let your energy out.

I think if they can get promoting this venue a little better they can draw some good vibe crowds. I had a great time both times at this location and if I come back to visit again, i'll be sure to look up. Peace......


Well i would have gone, if i wasn't in Cali.!!!But if i was here i would have gone:). I really like that venue, i was out there in dec. The dance floor is awesmoe!!!!!!

Thank you for finally updating your site, its been a long time!!

Yes the scene has been in a slump, for some time now. It is werrid, kids will only go to the bigger parties and not to the little ones! Which is really sad. Also its nothen but newbies!!! I feel odd cuz i have been in it for 2 years and i knew everyone. Now i find that i hardly know anyone?!?!

Oh well keep up the good work!!! Much love and PLUR!!!! :)

the rave was kick ass te only thing was that we had too many ppl there but all split up everywhere but the fucking music and visuals were the BEST!

peace and luv

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our event. BIG thanks Ramy for the great pictures. True, there wasnt a big turn out. It was still fun as hell! Skwert tore it up as usual & JASP182 performed an AMAZING set. Ken n Mini Me & DTS > they did a great job with visuals. Every DJ kicked assss! We couldnt of done it without AZ support, see ya at our next one!

( another LIVE performer May 25th)

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