The mood at this party was a bit strange. At least half the crowd spent the night outside in the huge front yard, just chatting and hanging out. I was told the venue owners were charging the crew and the guests $5 to get in. But, I loved the venue. Nice and cool inside and great space outside to get some fresh air.

I thought the music was good but the sound system had too much distortion and I had to keep walking around the room to find a comfortable spot to enjoy the music. I thought the volume was being pushed too much. I think there should be a lot more attention paid to the quality and clarity of the sound rather than the sheer volume of it. Thousands of watts of power can actually have an adverse effect if the sound is harsh and distorted. I also felt the none-stop, back to back D&B sets might have been a bit too monotonous and overbearing but that's only my personal view.

I got there in time for Uberzone and I thought they did well. I always enjoy pounding live drums. I liked the giant screens behind them with the silhouette of a dancer projected on the screen. She was good but I felt the opportunity to use some sort of flowing costume was missed and replaced with ordinary shorts and shirt. Dylan and Loxi also spun great sets but, like I said, it was too overbearing for my taste. As usual, I greatly enjoyed Kevin Brown's set at the end.

There were probably less than a thousand in the entire venue. I've seen bigger crowds at Vortex parties. I hope Swell didn't loose too much on this one. The venue cleared out by 4 am and by then less than a hundred people were there. I heard a few people shout "this sucked" as they walked out, but most seemed pleased and a few thought it was a great party. I don't know, maybe it was the crowd itself... they seemed a bit docile. What do you think?


50 people dancing to renegade hardware, whats that


I had pretty much the same feeling. There were technical difficulties, and yes the crew and guests were charged to get in as I was one of them. It was nice to have an entirely D & B and hardcore set up but, somehow, someone could have done there homework and found a way to mix it up a little bit. By 2:00 a.m. I was tired of beats being pounded into my head. I was also one of the many that liked the front room sound and music better and stayed outside to mingle and chat with others. The people that were there were friendly and seemed to be having fun socializing. It was more of a concert atomosphere which I liked. Just disappointed in the set up and amount of people that attended. I felt bad for the front room DJ's as the set up for them to play was not well done. The promotion of the party and the job Swell did doing the show was awesome, just didn't end up to be one of the best nights. RC Lair although played one of his best sets I've heard in a while. Kevin Brown always does well and I got a chance to catch up with Jefe in the front room who actually got a new fan through me. He did very well considering. The kids were friendly and willing to talk.

Angel Scott

I personally think that from a music stand point this was a great party (but of course I'm a huge fan of D&B). I think the reason this party "sucked" according to some people is because Arizona party-goers are just too obcessed with a certain drug (I think we all know what I'm talking about), and hardcore D&B just doesn't mix very well with E. It has been a long time since I had been to an AZ party (I go to school in California and I now only spend my summer's here)and I must say that the although the amount of E-puddles at parties has decreased it's still pretty bad. If your going to come to parties come for the music and leave the drugs at home!!!


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