We got to the party just before midnight. The directions posted on the list were either too confusing or just wrong. We followed them exactly and ended up in a dead end. We drove around for a while until we stumbled onto the party.

The place was almost packed and there were still people coming in. Security was very relaxed and friendly and the overall vibe was the same. The party was held at a warehouse called Tucson Warehouse and Transfer co. directly behind the Rainbow Bread factory just off downtown Tucson. The structure was much like an airplane hanger, made of arched corrugated metal and supported with a few I beam columns. The indoor area was divided into two sections: one smaller area, which was very hot and not as crowded and the main room which was very well air conditioned and much larger, containing the bulk of the ravers and a simple refreshment tent crowned with a mister. The outdoor courtyard was huge, almost as big as the one at the Icehouse, and it was a great place to chill and get some fresh air.

DJ Bobby D was playing his set and had the entire audience in the main room stomping to his Chicago style of hard house. As he finished his set, the music stopped and the promoter announced that the cops are requesting everyone to remove their cars from the area and park as far away from the building as possible. As it turned out, only the cars blocking the entrance to the adjacent businesses had to be removed. So, back in we went, thinking that was the end of that. But, just as I was walking in, I heard one of the crew ask one of the cops "Is everything OK now?" and he said "Yeah, we'll just have to check the permits to make sure everything is in order." Well, I didn't think nothing of it and went on in, hoping everything WAS in order and that the cops WERE cool and just doing their jobs. I gotta learn to stop hoping so much.

Spacegirl came on next and almost immediately began to rock the place down. I'm not sure how much of her set was live. She looked like she was doing everything live and controlling the synth on the spot. I don't know enough about making music to make any accurate assessment here. All I know is even if it were part or even ALL off DAT tapes, it was just awesome. It was almost like an amalgamation of happy hardcore cycles and uplifting trance buildups, bonded together with pure techno and hard beats. She made me wish I had studied music so I could understand what exactly she was doing. She blew me away... along with the whole room. Just seeing her alone was worth the whole show. Too bad her set couldn't have been longer...

Everything was going great. I was snapping away photos and video taping her awesome performance and everyone was dancing hard with giant wide smiles on their faces... until. The music stopped. We all cheered, thinking they just wanted her to hear us cheering for her until the next DJ came on. But, no one came on after that. The party was over, apparently do to the lack of permits, or was it the noise complaint? I heard permits from one promoter and noise complaint from another. Whatever the cause, 2000 ravers were asked to leave immediately and go home. There was plenty of giveaways, tossed into the crowd but, some still left with a nasty frown and extended middle fingers, asking for their money back. The majority though, took it in stride, as most ravers do. Although obviously pissed off, they kept smiling and feeling good about the quality of the show they had come to see, not the length of it.

I was disappointed both in the promoters for not having the proper permit on hand and at the cops for not waiting 5 minutes for them to go home and bring the permits back. But, overall, it was a great party with great music. I didn't get to hear any other DJs besides Bobby D and Spacegirl, but what I heard was awesome. I also didn't see too many E pits at this party. The crowd was younger than Phoenix crowd but, seemed more sober in general.

I was hoping to make it back in time to catch the last half of the Caffeine party but, my ride wanted to stay in Tucson for an after hour party and by the time we left, it was too late. This was a great party until the cops showed up (when did the cops ever show up and it got better?). The moral of the story: don't leave home without your permits and bring enough ear plugs for all your neighbors. But most of all, if you want to be a successful promoter learn to pucker up and do it well. Otherwise, you WILL have problems with the cops! This comes from an experienced lawyer not me, BTW.


To hopefully clear some thing up about the party be shut down early, here is some info. The cops showed up asking all the cars to be moved from the Rainbow Bread Factory. So everyone moved, and in a timely manner too. Some moved across the bridge almost 1/8th of a mile away.

After that, the police asked to see the permits. One of the promoters left to go get them, and arrived back in time for the police to inspect them and approve them.

The police then got a noise complaint and said they had to shutdown. I do not understand how they could get noise complaints, as the closest houses were almost 4 blocks away, and away from all the sound. And I doubt anyone was working in the industrial facilities at 3:00am on a Saturday night. So it was closed. Bummer.

Although it was closed, I did enjoy the party very much so. Some friends of mine helped set up and promote, and their hardwork payed off. They had good attendance, and a very good vibe.

I arrived before they opened the doors. The security was very cool, which was very nice. The people allowing us in were nice, and very patient to us anxious party kids.

Once inside, everyone seemed pretty happy. Many people were dancing and having a great time.

Space Girl came on and I watched everyone outside scramble to get back in. It was great! Space Girl definately needs to come to more Arizona parties.

People were very cooperative, for the most part when they shut it down. Although I was hoping that Kumagai could get a riot started before I left. I think we need one only to show Arizona that we are party kids, and we are not going down without a fight!

All in all, Venus Fly Trap definately has my respect, and my attendance in the future. I do recommend that they maybe bring a lawyer to the party to prevent any further complications with legalities. I had fun, and I know a lot of other people did.


Let me start off by saying that the location was a great venue and the sound was excellent in both rooms. Bobby-D and Spacegirl were great too, at least what I heard of them... This is the first party that I have been to where it has been broken up and on top of that my first Tucson party as well. I did meet some pretty cool people however and would like to thank Ryan who lives in Tucson for inviting myself and other people over to his house for an afterparty, even though he already had a "RED-TAG"! Just a note to the promoters... make sure you have EVERYTHING in order and taken care of properly before you throw your next party cause I myself am not very happy with what happened as well as many, many other fellow ravers. Oh yea, your-welcome STYLEZ, you know what I'm talking about... :) Till the next party ravers, keep the vibe alive!!!


All i gotta say is WOW!!! Seeing that this was my first rave i have nothing to judge this to but it was rockin. Spacegirl had a jive set and whoever started with that carnival music mix must be a genius. the little room was kickin too even though it was hotter than a furnace and smelled like a dead racoon. thanks to everyone who made my first rave the best i'll probably ever be to. oh yeah and thanks to the girl during Spacegirl's set who got me a nice mug shot of her. now believe that raves are just as addicting as heroin, just from being at this one i've already planned to go to translucent and superstars. THANKS EVERYONE!!! oh yeah and i hope that russian princess girl found her wallet. see ya'll at the next ones.


Hello there, thanks for everyone coming to the party, it was great to see everyone show up. I'm glad people had a good time, but for us it was frustrating since we all worked our hardest to get a new space and fresh talent, to promote and get quality lights/sound, and abide by permits/security. I want to explain to promoters especially merlin, ramy and stylez that we had all our stuff together, we had permits on the scene, i left to get more papers to prove to them, they left that subject alone and said the noise was the real issue, bass hitting houses blocks away they said. So bottomline is that i apologize to everyone for KABOOM getting cut short, and i learned noise issues can shut you down no matter what if the cops want to. We are planning a makeup party called SORRY in early sept., we have a mailing list of 400 ppl to apologize. any questions call 520.531.3624. leave a message thanks kade. see you at velvet tea garden on fridays/ translucentaug.14th/


Yo all I gotta say is that KABOOM was phat as hell ! Venus Flytrap has my props to their party throwing and even though it was broken up when it was, I still had a blast ! Spacegirl ripped that shyte up and even though I was outside when she started cause I was handling business, I could hear her great sounds and the bois and grrls vibes were just everywhere ! Everyone seemed to be in the good mood when it was over, though I know some kids wanted their money back. Paying 20 bucks to hear Bobby-D spin his mix and to see the hottest Dj chick around Spacegirl was a good ass deal to me. I met a grip of kiddys that said they still had a great time so mad kisses to the people who threw KABOOM. It goes on my top 10 list on number five ! And for sure you will see me, the lil' glitter Chyld of them all, at your Sorry party coming up. Major thanks for bringing together a good location for kids to let go and just have fun with one another. Hope see you all at SuperStars and Translucent ! *MwAh*

Jenny {AkA Chyld}

Kaboom was freakin PHAT!!!! The vibe was so awesome. I met so many sweet earthlings that night. But I and my friends were really sad when the whole party got busted. I couldn't believe that there were so many people at Kaboom. Spacegirl kicked ass. I just had a wonderful time, and the vibe there was amazing! I'll see you at Translucent kids!
Lemondrops and grape pops for everyone!!! Luv YA!!!


Well what can I say, Kaboom way fuckin GREAT. Even though it was my first rave, it had convinced me to continue going to raves from now on. Since then I, unfortunately, have only been able to goto one other Rave, which I enjoyed thuroughly, and I still plan to go to MANY MANY more in the future. But back to Kaboom, It was a great location, and it had a kick ass light show, both in the main room, and the hardcore room, even though the hardcore room was hot as hell I spent a good 2-3 hours in there (Not all at one time). Though hot as it was there was a nice place to rest outside, and with a light sprinkle to go along with the cooling down process everyone was able to cool down and get back in to see the great Dj's performe very quickly. The Dj's kicked ass for the most part, I absolutely LOVED Bobby D's set, and unfortunately I didn't get to hear Space Girl cuz I had to move the car (by order of the cops) and Kumagai was unable to even start thier set, however they did get the whole place to start chanting "Fuck the System" after the cops broke it up. All in all though it was a great PartiE, and I wish it could have gone till the end.

BjaOckX (=-Jay-=) ;]

KABOOM was sick as hell one of the best parties I have ever been to. And what made it even more special is I got to meat SPACEGIRL,and KUMMAGUI,.KUMMAGUI's cool as hell. The onley thing I dident like about the party was when the cops came in and shut us down that realy sucked.The building kicked ass and the vibe was strong. That is about all that I have to say PEACE. P.S. DONT FORGET TO P.L.U.R.

SEK one @ bboy.com

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