Karma Review

I haven't been to Karma for a long time. The last time I was there, the crowd was still a bit thin but, Karma has picked up momentum. There was a decent size crowd there this time and a lot of them were dancing. Not many people can sit still when Inertia spins - that goes without saying. But, I felt the vibe had warmed up in general there. It felt more accommodating, somehow.

The sound still needs improvement. The bare, wide floor and walls create too much echo and that gives the place it's cold feeling. I think they should carpet the area around the dance floor and do the same to the walls to absorb the sound. They also need more base speakers in the front. Jonboy told me they are working on it. I think Karma has a good future. It's just taking its own course and slowly developing its own character.

I stayed until the last track was played. Inertia delivered a great set, as usual. I even started dancing before it was midnight. But, soon it was over and at 1 am, we headed out to the Fun House to attend Balloon. Those photos will be up next.