Kind Review

Going to see Daniel spin at a Scottsdale club is like trying to suckle milk from a pair of silicon implants. It's not something you'd expect ever to happen. But, tonight it did... and I'm glad I was there to get a taste of it.

I didn't see as many snotty, clubish types there as I expected. There were instead a lot of ravers but, the average age was slightly higher which was a refreshing change for me. I've been here before and although I never felt comfortable under the flashy lights and the glitter spiked air I enjoyed myself immensely because I was there to see and hear Daniel.

At first, I was a little upset that we couldn't make it there until midnight and I thought his set was more than half way done but he ended up spinning the entire night. Some people said it wasn't his best set. Well... sure! Playing under the full moon and open skys month after month spoils you and you just can't get your yayas out in a flashy club anymore. But, it was still a great set and the fact that the dance floor was full the entire night speaks for itself. I mean, the party is where the music is, right? And if you squeeze silicon hard and long enough I'll bet you get some milk, too.