Kind Review

What can you say about Kind? It just keeps getting better and better! As I walked in, I could tell by the excited smiles that it was going to be another special night at Pompeii.

Z-trip played an amazing set. I've rarely seen DJs that play in such a variety and still keep the flow perfectly smooth. The sound was crisp and clear and the vibe was as positive as I've come to expect from all the Kind events.

By the time Frankie Bones came on, people were literally dancing off the walls. There was even a little break circle going on for a while. Frankie also played an awsome diverse set. I could listen to it and dance forever.

There was also a healthy crowd gathered in the outdoor patio, half of whom celebrating Sticker's B-Day. She wasn't dancing much but, she sure couldn't stop smiling;)

Kind parties have become a nice weekend foreplay for me. They put juicy vibrations in your spine that buzz and sizzle until they explode with the main weekend event...... Man, I need to get laid;)