KIND 5/27/99

I've been away from Pompeii for a while and it was nice to come back for another Kind night of great music. I was expecting the place to be packed wall to wall but, it wasn't and that was fine by me. More room to move around and mingle.

Captain Kirk and Laser Jason were almost wrapping up their funky techno house set by the time I got there. The club had a relaxed and nonchalant mood. There were a lot of people in the outdoor patio, enjoying a warm Phoenician night and sipping a cold one.

Derrick May came on a little after midnight and played a great set for 3 solid hours. He worked the crowd well with a steady but comfortable level of energy. His mixing skills and unusual technics were closely watched and admired by many attending local DJs.

Kind has become a tradition for many Phoenix night clubbers. A night full of talent and positive energy to make the perfect transition into the weekend. Kind is getting bigger all the time. Next week is Josh Wink. At this rate, they will have to expand the building to match the talent Jas brings us every Thursday night.