KIND 6/3/99

I was just about to give up on my ride and brave the Phoenix night drivers on my motorcycle when she finally knocked on my door. We got to Pompeii just passed 11pm. The parking lot was full as expected but, with a bit of creative maneuvering, we squeezed in just in time. The music was pumping loud and the smiles on the faces promised another great night at Kind.

Markus Schulz was spinning one of the hardest set of techno I've ever heard and there were a cacophony of dancing bodies, leaping from wall to wall and spinning like snakes on fire. His set was filled with even more energy and brutal mixes than usual and the crowd showed their appreciation by dancing like mad instead of folding their arms and bobbing their heads like pidgeons on a ledge.

For some reason, it seemed like there were many more beautiful women there yet fewer smile-free-silicon-filled-drunk barbie types from Scottsdale. Or, maybe they just dress and behave differently on Kind nights. So, what's wrong with that? Nothing, I guess! But, raves are supposed to be underground. Exept now, as with any other cultural phoenamenon, the boundries are getting blurry and many of the newbies will think raves are supposed be thrown in high profile clubs and not abandoned wearhouses. Before you know it, ASU will add on a new chapter to its Greek organization called Kum Pop Ex! That's it! I'm moving to UK to join the weekend squatters;)

Ummm... where was I? Oh, yeh!

A little passed midnight, Josh Wink took over the tables. Markus had done a great job working the crowd and they were ready. Screams and rebel yelps filled the inner sanctum of Pompeii and another magical night was into making. Josh performed beautifully, even though his busted ankle forced him to sit each time as he looked for the next track, he got right back up like a trooper and poured more energy and talent over the crowd. He spun tracks I've never heard before and had everyone's full attention the entire night. He played hard and he played long and everyone came and came again;) I gave up the idea of taking a break from shooting and joining the dancers. There was no room to dance. So, I'll wait for another gig at a bigger location. Until then, he will be the next name on my slowly but surely growing techno collection.

MAD props to Jas from Groovetribe for bringing bigger and better talent to Phoenix. I don't know how you do it, bro! The last few months have been an amazing musical and spiritual growth for Pompeii and its patrons. Any investor out there who is thinking about doing something similar at a big venue (like the Works) will make millions for sure. Only if those stuffed shirts in Phoenix could get a clue!