KIND 6/24/99

When I got there around 11, Lego was tearing up the tables with his perpetual ferocity. He spun a potent mix of funky breaks with a taste of psychedelic beats. The crowd was loving it and it was a great way to warm up for Uberzone.

By the time Q and David came on, the crowd was ready. They performed an amazing live set of drum and breaks that took Pompeii by a pleasant surprise. It was like no sound this place have ever heard before and we were all soaking it up like there was no tomorrow. But, it was not really the crowds regular dance music so, most just stood in place, swaying and bobbing their heads and emerging into the beats.

Jesse Saunders wrapped it up with a great set of Chicago style house, creating a nice balance of soulful rhythm to the funky beats of Uberzone. A lot of people responded with stomping the dance floor for the rest of the night.

Scottsdale music scene has been elevated once again to the next higher level thanks to Jas, the profit of groove! Keep it coming brotha;)


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