KIND - JANUARY 27, 2000

My girlfriend (Debbie) and I got there around 11 and there was already a big crowd of about 5-600 people inside. Rusty and Radar of Bombshelter were spinning a duo set of breaks and hip hop. Not really my style but the thick crowd on the dance floor seemed to like it. We went to the outdoor patio to drink, mingle and chat for a while before I started shooting.

After being away from Pompeii for so long, it felt a little awkward mixing with new faces. There were a lot of people there that I didn't know. I guess being a recognized face in the regular rave scene has spoiled me and I expect everyone to know who I am when I show up with a camera but, not here. A couple of guys asked me why I had a camera there and when I explained they made almost a disgusted face and turned their heads. I ignored them and chatted up instead with the few people I did know while waiting for Eddie X to come up.

After a few minutes, a guy comes over and kneels in front of Debbie, who was sitting next to me, and starts talking to her. I'm talking to Randal, a friend of mine, who is sitting with us. After a few minutes more, I look over and see Debbie drinking out of a bottle cap of this guy's Gatorade bottle that contains a clear liquid. I look back at Randal and say "Did this guy just give her what I think he did?" Randal looks at him and glares and shakes his head. I decided not to say anything and let Debbie experience it for herself, thinking she might actually enjoy it. I didn't want to ruin her mood now that she wanted to try it. And besides, it was after the fact and there was nothing I could do about it.

A couple of minutes later this guy starts hugging her. Then, he gets up and says excuse me and squeezes his ass between me and Debbie. He asks her if I'm her boyfriend and when she says yes he gives me a hug and says: "It's aaaaall about positive vibes, man!" and goes back to talking to her. I look at Randal and we both bust up laughing. Then I grab my camera and tell her to enjoy herself while I'm gone and off I go to take my pictures.

Downstairs the sound is bumping with a nice mix of old Blondie. After a few minutes Eddie X comes on and takes over the club. His set was a little slow at first but then it started to pick up and that old techno trance feeling began to take over. More people got on the floor for some serious dancing. The pool table area was cleared out, where fewer clubbers and more ravers were doing their liquid stuff. The other side of the club entertained the usual chill pilE.

After about an hour, I went back upstairs to check on Debbie. I found her coming out of the bathroom with a not so pleasant look on her face. Oh oh, I thought. She looked at me and said "How soon do you wanna leave." I knew the GHB got to her. So, I asked her to give me a couple of minutes to grab my shit. I quickly snapped away the rest of the shots and picked up my stuff and we headed for home. In the car she told me that the guy actually gave her another dose after she began to feel the first one. I was a little pissed off about the whole thing, specially when she ended up getting sick instead of enjoying the experience.

So, for all the young punks out there who are thinking about hitting on girls with your drugs... first, make sure they don't already have a boyfriend, 'cuse that would not be the "positive" thing to do. Second, take your time feeding them your drugs so you won't end up with puke instead of a woman on your arms;)

Peace Out


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