Kind 6 Review

I got there around 11 pm when Lady Kier just came on. Pompeii was packed wall to wall. It was almost overwelming to squeeze through that crowd after a whole month of staying home (mostly due to the flue). After about 1/2 hour of greeting everyone, I made it to the stage and began to unpack my camera.

The dance floor was filled to capacity and hardly anyone was standing still. Lady Kier was dancing and flippin' her records and MC Midi-Marsh was working the crowd with her mike. I must say I'm not a big fan of drum & base... and tonight didn't change my attitude. But, Lady Kier did bring in the crowd and made them happy so, as long as everyone was having fun, why complain. Although, about 1/2 into the set, I got my video camera out and began to tape the show. Lady Kier picked up the mike and began walking back and forth on the stage. At one point, she came within my earshot (about 2 feet away) and I realized I wasn't hearing her voice. I looked up, and sure enough, she was lip synching. I was a little dissapointed (not as mush as I was when Crystal Method played their instruments unpluged at Bash on Ash last year) but, the crowd either didn't notice or didn't mind: Yeah, she was faking it... but, she looked damn good;) Musically and spiritually, I'd say it was MC Midi-Marsh that delivered the goods.

The real fun (for me) came later when Robert Shea took the stage. He played a great mix of minumalistic, low base, high vibe house and trance. Too bad a lot of people had left by then. But, the remaining crowd truly got their money's worth.

Overall, I enjoyed myself a great deal. This was another memorable night that I've come to expect from Kind. Thank you Jas, one more time!