Kind Review

No matter how many times you hear it, you'll have to say it again: Kind just keeps getting better and better.

When I got to Pompeii, a little past 11 pm, I was a little disappointed not seeing the usual long line of people outside. But, when I got in, I realized any one who wanted to see dubtribe perform was already there. The place was packed and it stayed that way until the end, around 2:30 am.

Cosmik Jason warmed up the crowd with a solid set of funky, groovy tunes. At around midnight, Sunshine and Moonbeam (dubtribe) came on to perform their live set and to pour their potent energy all over the thirsty crowd. I saw them perform at the Ice House in November '97 at Simple II and they performed with the same degree of dedication and raw passion as they did back then.

Sunshine's bold words cut through the air with unwavering honesty and Moonbeam's untamed voice exorcised everyone's soul off all their demons. It was simply unforgettable. I wondered around and soaked up the positive vibe from every corner. Kind is definately the event to attend if you want to pick up some genuine positive energy to rid yourself from life's stress. I would describe it as an indoor moontribe event. I know a lot of people would say I shouldn't compare a club event with such a spiritual force. Maybe not but, isn't it all about what you carry inside with you that counts, no matter where you are?