Kind Review

I got there around 11. I didn't see a line outside and was shocked. I thought Paul Oakenfold had canceled. But, he was there and it was a full house. Looks like Pompeii has done a great job in getting people in fast instead of creating a 3 hour delay outside a venue.

Dave Ralph was rocking the place and filling up the dance floor. Paul came on next and was greeted with a loud, sustained cheer from the grateful Phoenicians. He worked the crowd as he mixed. He'd pause and listen to his own mix to soak in the vibe and you had no choice but to feel good.

Pompeii has got to do something with the dance floor. It's getting too small. You know Kind is getting more and more popular when I do two reviews back to back. Before you know it, we will be invading the Rural/Apache junction;)