Kind Review

Pompeii was already at near full capacity when Daniel of Moontribe came on. This was both a pre-party for the Easter Moon and a rare D&B night for Kind. I was expecting Daniel to play his usual acid trance music but, he tore it up with a potent mix of D&B. I'm not sure if he did it in order to keep the mood fluid for Diesel Boy's set or to just do something different for the hell of it. Whatever the reason, it worked great. The crowd loved it and they were all dancing all over the place.

Diesel Boy got the same warm Arizona welcome when he came on. I saw him a long time ago at Alien and he kicked butt then also. His set was tight and very energetic. Not a bad way to warm up for the weekend.

I saw a few people being escorted out by the bouncers. The Pompeii crew seemed a bit on the edge that night. I'm not really sure why. I think this balancing act between the ravers and the Scottsdale crowd can take it's strain on the managers and bouncers. I suggest to all you ravers to try and be a bit more discrete and reserved when you go to the bars. Red Monkey parties are different. Here, we need to play by their rules if we want to go back for more.