As you can tell, I've been taking it easy lately and not going to as many parties as I used to. And I know I'm not the only one. The Phoenix scene, I feel, is on a low simmer right now... but, that's not necessarily a bad thing. I guess a lot of us could use a break from sleepless weekends and wasteful drama. But, I took a chance and went to the Ice House this weekend and I have to say that Life was a nice break from the break... to say the least.

I got there around 11 and the party was off to a slow start, which is not unusual for the Ice House but, it picked up rather quickly. It seemed the Cathedral Room where CL McSpadden was spinning was the fullest. I missed Jonboy's set again:( My apologies to DJ Mustard;) (private joke). CL Rocked the room with that great progressive trance while Z-trip worked up the crowd in the Silver Room for Josh Wink. DJ Pigeon and Shawn entertained the crowd in the courtyard where they had a giant blowup dance doll swaying to the music and an air castle for practicing your trampoline skills.

Markus Schulz took over the Cathedral Room with High energy techno until Frankie Bones got behind the tables and the party reached it's peak. Josh Wink was performing at the same time in the Silver Room with some of the most surreal music I've heard him play. They brought all the lights down with the exception of one strobe light that flashed insistently through the thick fog. It was surreal, indeed. It was a shame having both Josh Wink and Frankie Bones play the same time slot but, I'm sure they did everything they could to avoid that.

Soloman was playing the courtyard when I left around 3:30 am. I had fun, as I almost always do. For me, Frankie Bones stole the show. He played great high energy dance music and most everyone in the Cathedral Room WAS dancing. Josh Wink's music wasn't for dancing. It was for people to calmly listen and really get into it. One of these days I'll go to a rave only to do just that and leave my camera at home... maybe;)

I don't know if the Ice House will ever be able to get it's old luster back. I doubt they really want to make it a prime rave venue again. Anyway, I think we're soon due for a new big venue. I still think the promoters should get together and BUY a place (like an abandoned airplane hanger) instead of wasting so much money renting places week after week. And if the venue gets old, you can always sell it and get a new one.

Just my 2 cents.


Ramy, I must agree with you for the most part........i went primarily to see wink. he started out slow and kinda blah, but by the mid to end of his set, i was blown dancable, yet meditative at the same time......blew frankie out of the water......but i'm a rather biased bones fan....seen him several times, and thought he was a jerk meeting him......but wink was so real....and his music was beautiful...i believe what you do is a great thing, and i hope to see you at parties in the future. PEAS


I had the most fun i have ever had at this party! The best thing was having couches there to sit back on. I didn't move from my place on the couch for 6 hours. I met so many cool people and i hope to see everyone at Afterlife. pLuR!


I arrived way early to avoid paying too much to get in. I must admit, Ice House parties lately have become pretty lame. It used to be that when I heard it was at the Ice House, I would get really excited. But now when I hear it is at the Ice House, I look at what other parties are going on. I don't think the Icehouse is not a bad place or anything. I just think we are over using it a little. Don't get me wrong, compared to the Nile, I would always choose the Icehouse.

But anyway... I pretty much stayed outside the whole time. I know there was some really big names, but the local DJs playing were really good! I danced almost the whole time. This was definately one of the better Icehouse parties in a long time, in my opinion.

The best part was however, when DJ Solomon would play his music, then hop down on the flor and dance to his own set! I thought that was probably the best thing I have ever seen happen at a rave.

In the end, I moved inside and listened to the rest of Josh Wink's incredible set. I met a few new people and even tried out some new dances. One of the better parties I have been to recently.


got there at 2:30, got in the door fer 10 bucks... wandered from the silver room to the cathedral to the courtyard and back. i gotta say that the silver room was RAGIN! Bones was cool and all, but josh kept the crowd enthralled. didn't need any other stimuli but the music. within an hour my skin was warm and fuzzy and my hair was standin on end. Josh performed most every dj style i've ever heard and worked his own funky fuzz all over it too! what was with dat choclate smellin fog?!?!

rev jerry

ok...i really wish i woulda went to this party seeing as i missed soloman and josh wink and frankie bones..and the fact that im 18 now =) but unfortunatly i went toTHC...which was gOod except for the fact that it was busted at like 11 =/ but neway im gonna go to afterlife for damn sure!!! c yall there

<3 ms vb

Well,to me 27 dollars is FUCKING INSANE for 2 headlining Djs,which might I add played at the same time.What the hell do the promoters think about when they charge soooo much damn money for a weak ass party at the CRACKHOUSE!!!I went to THC instead,which got busted do to poor planning,but there WILL be a make up party so dont worry.=).anywayz ill be in San Diego for Electronica with Frankie Bones and Adam X on a Special 2x4!Well have fun this weekend!!!!!!! PS...PROMOTERS NEED TO THINK BEFORE CHARGING 30 DOLLARS FOR GAYASS PARTYS!!!

A Tucson KID

hey ramy,

i enjoyed my 1st AZ party being that i moved here from pittsburgh Pa back in september. but frankie blew the roof off he was at my 1st party and his shit taught me how to feel the flow. this is a great site, all my clan back in Pa can sort of feel the experience just by clickin on and they can see me in pic 29, if they look hard. but i'll see you at many more to come. i'll be meeting a bunch of cats at mystery machine with this phat new kandeland yahoo club, all ravers who want to get in this dope club for people who know what PLUR means email me at and i'll get yall in. hope to see all you dawgs and kats at mystery machine.


Hi Ramy i really enjoyed this party but I dont agree that there were 2000 peeps there. 1000 tops. I dont understand why promoters say that they have more then they do. The party was great WINK & Bones, go Jaz. I just wish the security was a little more laid back. Peace

Dj Scott

Scott Alexian

Tuscon kid has a great point. Anything over $25 better have a giant floating stage with speakers that sprout legs and dance with you. Prices like that are what are ruining the underground rave scene.. if it still exists in az. And whats this about afterlife being broadcast on the two most sellout places to be? mtv and edge. well damn. once this happens all the little backstreet/nsync/carsondaily lovers will want to goto those "RAVE" thingies. which basically means there goes the whole vibe. hopefully someone brings the raves back to the underground... just my two cents too...


E.T couldnt have said it betta,if its broadcast on MTV,HOW FUCKING UNDERGROUND COULD IT POSSIBLY BE????!!!!????That is why Raves pretty much suck ass right now.All of these stupid ass little 15 year old morons who do nuttin but walk around like drug induced idiots,that probably have never even heard the word VIBE!Phoenix parties used to be BOMB week after week!Now I would rather do ANYTHING than go to a whack ass phoenix party!Ive been to Way too many whack ass parties anyway!Expecially when you have to pay for the Whackness!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thats probably why YOU old school kids dont go out no more,do you guys remember those old ass phoenix parties that were bad as PHUCK!Like Fryday,four, D-Day,Musik,and all of those bad ass full moon gatherings!!! Thats why I started goin to parties in the first place!For the undeniable felling that we call,the VIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I dont know how a once flourishing scene could go down the tubes?If you want to know just ask all of the greedy,fucked up promoters and give them a big thank you for turning a once sacred experience into a boring,expensive waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Tucson Kid

What does the all mighty Ramy have to say about that or does he even bother going or talking to ravers any more?

A stuck up Dj fag


Going to raves should be a voluntary decision; an attempt to have a good time and to gain something spiritual and meaningful, or at least memorable, out of the experience. That's why it's so much fun in the beginning. But, after a while it becomes almost mandatory to go to a rave EVERY weekend. It's almost like doing drugs. Your friends start to look at you kinda weird if you said you're gonna skip raving a weekend. And so you feel like an outcast if you don't go... and that's when it stops being fun.

So, I'm taking a break from this "rave abuse" routine. I'll go if and when I feel like I'm gonna have fun NOT because I feel obligated to go. I do feel that the vibe has gone down quite a bit lately. I'm hoping this is temporary. Maybe it has something to do with the weather, the holiday season's spending, the proliferation of undercover cops in the scene and the commercialization of the rave phenomena. Maybe this will trigger another wave of smaller, underground raves. No permits, no cops, no profit, just music and dance. Wow... what a concept;)

The almighty Ramy has spoken

I couldn't have said it better myself. I haven't been to a rave since January because of some severe "rave abuse" last year. I love the scene and I miss my friends, but I got to the point where it was more of a chore than a treat. The vibe has changed for the worse in that I feel like the rave scene has attracted a younger "druggy" crowd instead of the family of music and P.L.U.R. crazed people I remember. I will be back to the scene after I give myself a break. I am behind your hopes in the thought that this is temporary.

I love you guys and miss you!!

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