Lunar II Review

You know how you test the water for just the right temperature before you get in the shower in the morning? I've been taking a break from the scene for a while and Lunar II was just the right temperature for me to get back in. It was not too big and loud and not too small and lame. If I had to sum it up in one word it would be "comfortable".

There were just the right number of people for the Nile theater. Populated enough not to feel naked and roomy enough to dance without having to tuck your arms in every five seconds. The lack of the usual egotesticle (I know, I meant to spell it like that) security was a big plus also. The music was the same. Neither mind blowing nor repetitive and boring. There were some problems with the sound system but, not enough to affect anyone's mood too much. The main and back rooms were utilized for the bulk of the party. Downstairs, however, was dead from the beginning.

Lego performed his usual high energy style in both rooms. Terra played the back room, accompanied by MC Dee. Z-Trip and DJ Rich also did well. The show concluded with Donovan and Terrance Niles going back and forth at it on the main stage. Jason Ayers was doing the visuals in the back room. At first, I thought his talent was being wasted in the smaller room. I kinda wanted to see the videos on giant screens or balloons. But, then I thought the smaller set up suited the mellow mood in the back room. Still, I think they could have done more with that room. Anyone remember the ambient room at Positive Energy? I thought that was a great way of mixing music with visuals in a very comfortable atmosphere.

I don't know why some people always criticize Brian (Nycon) for his parties. I never had enough reason to vocalize a complaint. Yeah, there are always some people involved with a party who over hype to get more crowd. I wish they'd stop. Just tell it like it is. The same number of people will still go but, a lot less will complain. Lunar II was a cozy, fun little party and it was worth going to. Thanks, Brian. Good to be back:)


Since I got there rather late, Jason Ayers was kind enough to offer me his review fo the party to provide a better coverage for you.
Thanks, Jason:)

For the earlier part of the evening, the back room at Lunar 2 was the designated "multimedia chill room". This room featured DJ Soloman spinning hip-hop, d&b and funk, Mike Ricci doing some cd mixing of jazz & funk with realtime phrase sampling & effects, and Jason Ayers who was spinning ambient, d&b and triphop with effects while controlling the realtime video projections behind the performers.

There was a constant mix of the various genres with the occasional break-down. These breaks were created by sampling and looping portions of the music and then doing some audio tweaking with the effects. Occasionally the mix would be sprinkled with some audio from the video projections and fuzzy AM radio reception filtered through a wah-wah peddle. At one point, electronics guru Mark Matson of the local band Sipping Soma sat in with his drum machine and contributed to the mix for a few tracks.

We decided to do all of this at the last minute, and just brought our audio/video gear in hopes that we could add a new twist to the underground. Later on, when it was obvious both of the other sound systems at the party were complete shit, I suggested that the DJ's Terra, Lego & Rich (who were stuck in the basement room) come up and use our set-up. Thus, the "chill room" became "da jungle/speed garage room", but we already had enough fun experimenting earlier in the night that it was a pleasure to see these guys tear it up. Thanks to the promoters, jas of United Positivety for providing the projector, and Mark Matson for providing the excellent sound system for this room... look for more of these types of rooms in the coming months.

- Jason Ayers (deepfreq productions)