I dozed off for most of the way to the party so, I didn't mind the long ride. But, I knew a lot of people were gonna bitch about the directions. Although once we got there, I knew it was well worth the ride. I loved the location. A small opening at the foothills, way off into the desert, decorated with a few tall cacti and some large bushes. Lines of small xmass lights decorated the plants and the rocks on the hills and a few colored spotlights shined over the DJs. The speakers were set up in four corners of the dance floor and sheets of plywood kept the dust off the dancers feet... for a while. For a small desert gathering, it was PERFECT!

Matt McCoy was spinning a phat set of trance music as we rolled in. There were a few people dancing and some sitting around on blankets, chatting and backrubbing. Scott told me that the cops shut the map point location down before most people got a chance to get there. As a result, only about 150 people showed up. But, this party was about music and vibes and not making money so, no one was too upset. In fact, it was almost better with fewer people. We ended up having a very comfortable and private party. A lot like Emerald Forests, with fewer foxtails in our shoes.

Terminus came on next. Then, CL McSpadden came on and rocked the desert floor 'till sunrise. Everyone enjoyed themselves to the fullest. No security, no drama, no acid freaks running around naked and no fights... not even an argument. Aaaaahhhhhh:)