Magical '98 Pre Party Review

After a long, hard drive to San Diego, getting harassed by the state trooper, blowing a tire that nearly caused us an accident and getting lost while looking for the ticket location, hearing about the cancellation was a little more than hard to take. But, the consolation was that we could use our tickets to come back for the party and the fact that the make up (or pre-party as the promoter preferred to call it) was situated in the beautiful hills of northern San Diego and the vibe was positive and the air was pleasant and I met a beautiful girl from Germany... it definitely made it worth while.

When we finally got to the place, it was already 2 am and watching people leave was not a good sign. But, we didn't drive all this way to give up so easily and so, we pressed on. And when the music started and people began to cheer and dance and our lungs began to fill up on fresh, clean air, I knew I was going to enjoy this. Yes, Rabbit in the Moon, Sandra Collins and so many others were a no show. In fact, there were only 5-6 DJs for the entire night (Donald Claude did show up and play). Still, I was more bummed out when I thought I lost my eye glasses than I was when I realized the actual party was postponed for six weeks. So, when I came back to Phoenix and realized I had just left my shades at my friends house I really had not much left to complain about.

The music was great, the laser light show was awesome and the people couldn't be more carefree and good nature. It was like a big scale Emerald Forest party and that's just fine by me.

I'm not sure what went wrong with the main party and I don't want to repeat any rumors here so, I'll just wait and see if the main Magical '98 will happen or not. If it does, I'll probably give it another chance because if it's as great as this one it's worth going to and if that sweet, blonde beauty shows up again... well... who could ask for more? ;)