Make Believe Review

This was one of the more interesting parties at the Nile. I saw a lot of unfamiliar faces there and I heard a lot of people say "where did all these people come from?" Still, this party had a great vibe to it. The security was relaxed and friendlier than some of the other parties and the crowd was also very casual. Maybe it was the great mixture of music that catered to just about every eclectic taste or, maybe it was the super-comfortable set up in the chill room. What ever it was, it worked very well.

Frankie Bones was the high lighter and despite the usual ugly pre-show rumors of him not showing up, he stole the show hands down. Z-Trip played some unusual cuts that could have been refreshing had it not been for the AD/DC song. Even if it were done in jest it still felt rather uncomfortable once you realized he was gonna play the entire song. If we're gonna go retro I'd much rather hear the Cars or Blondie or Depeche Mode or even Queen... uh, wait, he did play Queen. But, how about Oxygen or Nitrogen? Pink Floyd? Or maybe Philip Glass from Koyanisqatsi. There are millions of better things to play other than AC/DC. Hell, I still have a bunch of their albums I bought back in early 80's but, I've also got tons of better stuff to play. OK! I'll stop ranting now.

The basement was a mass of sweat soaked human flesh encapsulated in thick, humid air. Half of it was covered with bodies rolling on top of one another and the other half filled with a lot of people standing around the DJ's tables and only a couple of people had lungs big enough for dancing there. They need serious ventilation down there. Anyway, I wasn't there too long. I split my time between the main room and the chill area. The back room was set up with lots of mattresses and chairs, a tattoo and piercing station (not very sanitary) and a massage table with a beautiful girl working her strong hands for a tip;) I even joined in and gave someone one of my famous deep penetration drum roll/karate chops down the back.

The best music, like I said came from where Frankie Bones was spinning: on the main stage. I love the idea of having the stage in the middle like an island. They just need to place some sturdy benches around it for people to climb and dance on instead of the speakers, which were wobbling and could have been proven disastrous.

The only big problem that kept popping up was the sound being cut so many times due to technical difficulties. I guess the appointed sound people didn't show up and they had to get a guy from Shredder to come and fix the problem. Other than that, it went without a hitch until sunrise. I didn't make it to the after party. I'm saving ALL my energy for Emerald Forest 4:):):)