Masqueraid Review

This was a really great party for a great cause - breast cancer.  The old vibe may be gone forever but that doesn't mean people can't get together and still enjoy great music and each others company and to pitch in to help humanity.  Top that off with a well balanced mix of super cool DJ's, dance groups, a trapeze artist and about a thousand dancers in cool costumes and you have yourself a party that you'll remember for a long time.

The photos here were taken by Nate who happens to be a great artist and you can see his work here: and I did all the video work which should eventually be available on DVD from Rob Kwik here:  I'll just let the pics and the video tell the rest of the story.

Thanks Rob for a great event and all that you've done.


This party was amazing. There was such a great mix of style and music that you can't find at many parties these days. The B-boys and b-girls were amazing as well as the graf artists and of course the DJ's. I danced more than I have at a party in a long time.


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