Moonshine Over America Review

I missed Omar Santana's set but, they told me it wasn't that great. The place was a lot less crowded than I thought. The high ticket prices must have turned a lot of people away. Besides, Keoki's presence had a few people worried about a more preppy/frat rat crowd.

But, once I got in, I found the crowd and the atmosphere to be very positively charged (or, at least, more positive than I expected). Cirrus was playing live and despite the fact that they were off here and there, they sounded pretty crisp and fun to listen to. Gary Menichiello was playing downstairs and he sounded great as always but, there were only a handful of people down there and I think that made the room seem more of a chill area than a second stage.

After Cirrus, John Kelly came on and then, Micro followed. In my opinion, those two really stole the show. They played with a lot of continuity and clarity and maid the night worth while.

Keoki came on last and half the crowd left and I ran out of film. He started fuckin' up the volume and mixes from the beginning. He kept turning the volume down and put his hand to his ear, signaling the people to cheer for him. I didn't hear too many cheers. The show pretty much went down hill from there. I heard he got paid six thousand dollars and I don't think he played for more than an hour... yeah, I was shakin' my head too.

The bast part of the night for me was the after party at my place. We listened to Knowoneness by Electric Skychurch and then, I scanned through the Raving Arizona tape and by the time the Eden section came on I was up and dancing my ass off. We took a little Pink Floyd break then finished it all by playing my most favorite tape Live at the Underground Nation by DJ Inertia. I don't think I've ever danced that hard and that long in my life. Let's just say I ruined a pair of perfectly good socks in a few hours and loved every minute of it:)