MUSIK 2001

I could hear the musik all the way from Central. I was only hoping this party wouldn't get busted for noise complaints. I'm glad it didn't. After a long wait in line, I made it in just in time to catch the fashion show. It was pretty cool with lots of flash and plenty of skin. There was a good size crowd but not so much that they had to close off the entrances. The vibe was also good. But what I loved the most about the party was the music, in particualr the drum and base sound of DJ Izm in the Cathedral room. I totally got into his set and gave myself a long break from taking pictures to dance. I think tonight was a bit of an eye opener for me and I truly felt the vibe and the language of the d&b sound.

By 4 - 5 am the party was into a tight swing as almost everyone had moved to the Silver Room for Timmy's set of funky house, S.F. style. Unfortunaltely, I was completely exhausted by then and had to go home and crash.

I have to admit, I do miss the days of Electric Highway, British Technics and alike. But tonight I remembered that all the vibe you'll ever need is between you, the DJ and the dance floor. Thank you Izm, Swell and all the rest of you for a great night.


Musik was alrite, I thought it would've been a whole lot better for some reason, damn those expectations! But all I know is is that Ron D. Core & Kevin Brown were dope, that was the best music I heard the whole night, other than DJ Shy's mix in the back room. I was happy to see you at this party Ramy since Remedy was a long time ago but the vibe was really nice at this party & that's the bestest thing!

~DR Ent.~

Musik was ill, I had a good time. I really enjoyed Icey's set, it's been a while since he has been here.

I was a little disapointed with the turn out I thought more would come check out Icey (Maybe they just didnt'know who he was) I wish deacon wasnt on the same time as Icey both very talented, but i stuck with Icey for the night. The vibe was koo saw alot of Old Skoolers that was tight, not something your used to seeing anymore! All in all it was a good night:)


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