March 3, 2001
DJ Icey – Zone Records, FFRR Recordings – Florida Joey Beltram – STX Records, Tresor, Millenim Mgmt – New York
Rob Swift – X-Ecutioners – New York Ron D. Core – Dr. Freeclouds Mixing Lab, Orange County – Los Angeles 2X4 Kevin Brown - Swell Records – Arizona DJ Milktoast – Dr. Freeclouds Mixing Lab, Netwerk One, Orange County – Los Angeles J2 – Dr. Freeclouds, Orange County – Los Angeles Deacon – NCTZ Recordings, Wreckigniton – Los Angeles
Ra - Frequency 8 Seattle, – Seattle IZM & Skyler Mic – Blade Records – San Diego
Butter Cup – Cream Wednedays – San Francisco Larry & Angel – United Knowledge Ent. – Arizona
Pete “SuperMix” Salaz – Red Monkey, Swell Records – Arizona Gary Menichiello - Swell Records - Arizona
Inertia – Dream – Arizona RC Lair - Swell Records – Arizona Timmy – Swell Records, Crowbar, Boom – Arizona
Emile – Bombshelter, Swell Records – Arizona Radar – Bombshelter, Swell Records – Arizona Nimh – H4B, Swell Records – Arizona MC Stylee – H4B, Swell Records - Arizona PRG - Swell Records – Arizona Castor & Simplex – Blade Records – Arizona Zero - Swell Records - Arizona DJ Soloman – H4B, Insomnia – Arizona Plotz – Sound Factory – Arizona
Alex Ruiz - Sound Factory - Arizona Rephil – Status, Swell Records – Arizona DJ Shy – After Hours Power 92 – Arizona
Joe Bear - Swell Records - Arizona Morley & Snail Swell Records - Arizona Michael – DTS, 100% Natural Groove – Arizona

Lighting by: The One and Only BURNING RETINA Sound by: GOD Support Sound by: The Almighty Shedder If you thought Acid Reign IV was out of control, you haven’t seen anything YET!! On Saturday March 3 2001 Swell Clothing and Records celebrates its 8 year anniversary with another MASSIVE event, MUSIK.
This years MUSIK will feature an out of this world fashion show presented by United Knowledge and hosted by Butter Cup from San Francisco with clothing by Diesel, Snug, Ecko, Mooks, Lithium, Serious, Geek Boutique, Triple 5 Soul, AlphaNumeric and many more. All clothing is available at Swell Clothing and Records. MUSIK will include 4 stages filled with world class talent from every corner of the United States, plus blinding intelligent lighting, thundering sound, intense visuals, free giveaways and many surprises. Come out and celebrate our 8th birthday, we will make it a night you WILL NOT FORGET!!!!! 24 hour event information: 602.225.8123

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