Well, as you can see, it took me a while to put the photos for this party on and there aren't many. The reason is halfway into the party some one carelessly walked right into my camera, which was sitting 5 inches in front of me on the tripod, and knocked it into the ground, breaking the lens and busting the cover open and rendering it (and me) useless. I heard her stand there and apologize but I was too shocked and upset to even look up and see who she was. She finally walked away and I picked up my pieces and went home. Well, good news. I managed to fix the lens (although I know it won't hold together as well as before) and the pictures came out fine. So, if the person who did that is reading this right now don't feel bad. Everything is fine:)

As for the party, I had a good time while I was there. It was a healthy size crowd and the vibe was nice also. Although it was getting quite cold and I don't think a couple of tree heaters did any good to warm people up. Those things are a waste of money. I suggest getting portable firepits instead. They are basically metal grills that sit low to the ground. Heat rises, get it? You can get a large one at Home Depot for about $150 bucks.

I heard Rephil spin a tight break set from the top of the THC truck and the crowd was begining to warm up. A lot of people were also getting their blood circulation going by jumping up and down in the dragon shaped blow-up castle. Lego performed an unusual live set of alien electro-braks but the sound kept crapping out on him. I never found out if they ever fixed the sound or not.

We grabbed some hot chocolate and went inside the bar where Jay Eric, a new DJ, was spinning a very dancable psychedelic set. He got a few people up and dancing in the small wooden dance area. Paul-E also spun a very cool trance set with his new records freshly arrived from England.

At 1 am they kicked us out of the bar and shortly after that my camera broke and we went home. I'm sure I would have had fun had I stayed, despite the cold. But, I think I'd rather spend the weekends going to smaller, cheaper indoor parties until the summer comes back. Anyone got a small party to photograph? I'm free:)


Whats up Ramy, Well I didnt go to any Az party,instead I drove all the way to Cali,and I must say I had fun!Thee-o was good,Doran was bad ass and the best of all was Deacon!!Thomas Michael was phat and I had a Blast and cant wait for M2K in L.A for New Years,if you are interested in going,write a review with your E-Mail and ill respond to you,Afterlife in Phoenix is going to be a shit party and who would want to spend the New Years at the Icehouse-Crackhouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At M2K Frankie Bones,Juan Atkins,Eddie Folkes,Geoff Da Cheff Marvalous Cain,and the Executioners,and its gonna be at the Los Angeles Sports Arena!!YOU SHOULD GO!Insomniac and Go Ventures throw the Best parties on the west coast!!!!!!!!

A Tucson Kid


I've been to LA massives and it's really not my speed. Not that I couldn't have fun there. I had lots of fun at Nocturnal. But, I like to stay close to home for now, specially on a wild night like the New Years Eve. Besides, I'm already on the list for NT30 2000 Afterlife and it wouldn't be polite not to go. I wish you all TONS of fun and love where ever you'll be. Let's hope the next year will bring more peace and genuine frienship and less drama for all of us:)


Well Ramy, all i gotta say ish dat yew missed Nimh's set.. ohhh *drool drool* Sowwy... C-ya next tyme =P


I Had soo much fun at MM! Lego! Nimh! *bows worshipfully* I couldnt go inside caus i'm too young but there were enough pretty girls to keep me warm! (my nipples hurt after that night for a few days) but the only bad thing was you just took a picture of the KandeLand Crew just as i got there! I was soo shattered! I wanted to be in it! The bouncy thing was awesome but after watching half an hour of the repeating choped up psycadelic scooby-do cartoons i got a headach...

I loved the net meet at Az Mills before it. Us from the Az raves list and the Kande Land list met ehre and ran amok in the glow in the dark store while security told us we had to "disperse!"

Have a nice day and SMile!


Ya I know thatr it would be nice to be close to home,but it would be cooler to be some where else besides Arizona!To me L.A. Massives are cool as hell!Tens of Thousands of people,Vibe like a mofo and all those fine ass Raver girls! But anyway,peace to all the kids who stay in Az,but I promise that youll have more fun at M2K.

A Tucson Kid

Hey Ramy! I just wanted to say that you are so awesome! Much luv to you from all of us in the KandE LaND KrEw! Thanx for takin our pic! PLUR for life! *huGGz n KisseZ*

*Sarah (hugg_mee)*

here's an idea...why don't some of the insipid candy ravers realize that worshiping nimh is just really not that important. i've seen denny at parties (like u-turn) where he was just sitting around and nobody(including those same kids that worship him) knew who the fuck he was. maybe if any of you talked to him once OUTSIDE of the dj thing, you'd realize that he's just a quiet, regular kid who doesn't need idolatry constantly showered upon him. peace to the jerk krew junglists and real human beings that don't need to be called "ravers" to enjoy who they are.

emo ryan out.


I was born in the Phoenix rave scene so I must throw this out. This is Cpt. Chronic from San Diego and if any of my raver friends who want to come rave out in California, we'd love to have you. So consider this a welcome and open invitation. Cpt. Chronic loves you all. Roll on down to Cali and let's party like Rock Stars! C-you there! Peace

Cpt. Chronic

Yes!!!!! Finally someone with the balls to stand and speak!! Most everyone in the scene probably don't even know what half the DJ's in AZ look like!! I love the scene to death but come on people take the time to talk to the peeps who supply the entertainment!! Mystery Machine was fun could of been better, but isn't that always the case.

Oh yeah! Can a certain person out there who is a fellow candy raver please use your own designs on what to wear to a party. Thx.

Kid Kosmo

Ya, I hate it when I sew up a brand sparkaling new overalls and then the next week at a party someone is wearing the same ones.I love Candy ravers and you all should be gay with us too.If your not a gay candy raver you are serioiusly missing out on one of the coolest sceanes around!!!!!!!!!


Well New Years Eve is quickly approching.I cant wait to go to L.A. and watch Frankie Bones,Juan Atkins,T-1000,DRC, Eddie"Flashin"Fowlkes,Mark Grant,Jesse Saunders,The Executioners,Marvelous Cain,Heretic,R.A.W,Machete,Geoff da Chef{Australia},Deadly Buda,Ron D Core,and many,many,many more.The location will be the L.A. Sports Arena,Tickets are still on sale for 35$.Come spend New Years Eve with Insomniac,and Go Ventures,and party like its 2000!!!!!!!!


....Mystery Machine was one of the first rave I that I went to in AZ....I have to admit, I love the vibes here...Everyone was so friendly...I had such a good time there that night, despite the cold...I wanna say whatsup to the Asian raving crew that I met on fools are the shit, nobody dances like you guys...


true, true about the whole nimh thing. (what emo said) people need to start enjoying the scene alot better then it has been being treated. for real. im not trying to put all of th candy ravers down, but for real people. nimh is not the best dj around! respect and know the people you are cheering for!!!!!

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