When we got there around 10 pm, there was already a huge line of about 5-600 people outside, waiting to get in. We saw a lot of cops on the way in but the overall security seemed pretty relaxed inside. With the exception of a couple of overdoses, the night went without any incidents. The crowd was also the same as it has been through the last few Ice House parties: about a 50/50 mix of the club driven Scottsdale crowd and the average Phoenix ravers.

I thought the music was great in all the areas. Thomas Michael, John Acquaviva, Diesel Boy and Markus Schulz all played beautifully. Shredder also did well with the sound system... except for the horrible bass distortion in the courtyard. Jason Ayers of Ovum Design and Deepfreq Productions also did a great job video mixing on the giant screen in the courtyard.

Despite the massive crowd, there were plenty of places to sit and chill. Although, the seats on the couches were jealously guarded most of the time. A few people also got to jump up and down inside the "moonbounce" blow up castle in the yard. DTS had it's own tent set up in the back and DJs Citric, Michael and Dr Seuss played some cool, chilled out trance for the crowd. There were a few computer monitors set up nearby where people could access the Internet and also watch the live cybercast of other Y2K parties.

I had a good time and I was happy just to have gone through the night without any major incident. I got the feeling that a lot of people were also on their toes a bit and maybe that's why the vibe wasn't as great as I had hoped. Maybe it was the subconscious worries of the Y2K that kept the crowd a little reserved or maybe the chill in the air or the mixing of the crowd and the age restriction and curfew laws that has put a damper on the vibe in the recent events. But, I think the commercialization of the rave scene is the biggest culprit. Take charging $3.00 for 2 oz of Sprite, for example. It's disgusting, wrong, evil. $3.00 can feed an African village for a day... think about it! Or, making the crowd trendy enough to justify bringing in the "Edge" radio to the scene. No doubt the abuse of drugs has taken its toll on the scene... but, so has glitter covered breast implants that dance to a none existing rhythm. On the other hand, I should count my blessings and enjoy the positive side of the scene: the music... sacred, beautiful and potent as ever... and this party delivered it just fine.


This party was the first party that I have ever attended at the "Ice house" so i thought it was pretty chill. At the party I had no reason to do any drugz (and I didn't do any) the vibe was diffrent but it was still a good one(for being in a club). Anyways i thought nt30 did a great job with the party that night. I had down thoughts about nt30 at first "conception" you all know why even if you were not taken to jail that night. anyways i give props to the people that threw this party -who ever you are- and to all the people that showed up and had a good time sober or not. Its all about who's your neighbor and all the records spun that night. even the drum and bass was good and i dont really care to attend parties that play anything other than TRANCE. All you kand-E kidz know what i mean when i say that no party has a buzz like a DTS BUZZ. all in all I had a great time attending this party new years eve and i hope to see all the wonderful people in the new year this year. thank u ramy 4 taking these great pics at this wonderful party. thank u NT30 for throwing this very successful party i hope u have more in the near future like this last one that was without a doubt " OFF THE HOOK"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe it or not there really is some "P.L.U.R." left in arizona. " Lets keep the love alive and underground"!!!!!!

Justin " The eskimo"


Whats up Ramy, Well I hope all of you had fun in Phoenix,But I must say that M2K was the Fuckin Bomb!!Frankie Bones had the midnight set and rocked the house,all of you guys should have seen the stage,the set-up was the best I have ever seen!!The VIP room was excellent,full catering,and full bar! They had so many different kinds of speakers,Tonka,Shredder, JBL,Profound sound and Cerwin Vega!This Party went OFF!!!Well Ramy the next big L.A. Massive we are driving to is How Sweet It Is 2000,are you down?Dj Dan,Donald Glaude,Bad Boy Bill,Terry Mullen,Doc Martin,Dj Hype,Sniper,Mystical Influence,Dj Sneak-Junior Sanchez-2x4,and many more!!!!


All I can say is DEACON OH MY GOD! He threw down the tightest set of jungle I've heard in sooo long.. anyways For all u little kids out there lets not pop the good vibe that was of Afterlife with senseless Overdoses... Please do them responsibly no-one wants to be too messed up to not rember one of the more pivitol nights in recent years ... SEE YAH ALL AT POLARITY DANNY THA WILDCHILD!!!! -peace



yo-yo that was a phat ass party. got in about 11 and Orgin made me roll my ass off. John Acquaviva I could not thank you enough that was the best set I have heard in month. and for the DJ's in the courtyard you'll rocked the shit out of it. I liked the cages and the exotic dances brings more class to the rave scene lets keep that up the last rave I went to that had that was makebelieve with Frankie Bones and that was a unbelievable rave. all in all good job promoters. cant wait till golden.


this is not much of a review but, in the past few months Ramy, you have attended two GrooveTribe Events, Two or Three DTS Parties, Two Gruv-E / Wild Child Raves, and a Let's Go Event. All of these events are the huge, blown up events that are some of AZ's largest parties thus far. Or, you have attended these "Total-Trance" desert creations whose only patrons are the friends of the promoters. what about Technosis, Showdown, What's Poppin, High Altitude, Slippery When Wet, Mary X-Mas, ect... It seems like the only picture reviews that you have been giving to us lately are the Groovetribe and DTS Parties.. I have no beef with either of them, but cmon, just look at the rave list. Just bringing this to your attention. C.R.


Although I try to be as diverse as possible, I have not kept it a secret that I am partial to techno and trance and the overall vibe that small desert parties produce. I created this web site only as a hobby and it developed into something bigger. But, it still is just a big personal web site and it's free. I don't get paid to photograph the parties I cover (just a pass or two) so, I can choose which parties I would enjoy the most and I'll go to them. But, I still post the flyers I pick up on the "Events & Flyer" page without any partiality. I don't have anything against hip-hop or d&b or jungle or happy hardcore. Sometimes I even enjoy those types of music, just not as often. And the pictures simply reflect that.

If sometimes it seems like that I'm playing favoritism it's because I am. I cover the events of my friends and the types of music/events that I like. Then again, I might cover an event that does not necessarily play my kind of music. It's all up to me and it's called freedom. I have nothing personal against any promoter out there. It's just that I'll go if I feel like it, that's all. Besides, I needed to take a little break from the scene lately, as I'm sure many of you do from time to time. Still, I will keep your comment in mind and try to bring a bit more diversity back in the pictures.


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