We went to Pure Adrenaline at the Fun House first. But by midnight, the party was still dead. So, we headed for the opening of Numonic. From the size of the crowd outside, I could tell the party was going to be a success.

The first thing I noticed was the heat. It reminded me of Vortex in mid summer. But the promoters told me that AC was going to be installed the next day and there will be plenty of fresh, cool oxygen for the dancers by next Friday. This place rocks even without an AC. The rooms are huge and with the addition of the basement, it will be even bigger than the Nile. The only potential problem that I can expect will be, as usual, the cops. This building is next to the Icehouse and I suspect they will be around with the same noise complaint excuses. But, all the rooms at Numonic are closed off and hopefully, it will be a while before they come up with a new plot to bring an end to our fun and freedom.

The smaller, hip hop room remained pretty much a chill room with only a handful of wandering souls. The majority of people were in the main room, dancing and taking frequent cooling off breaks. There were plenty of places to sit and lounge about. With a little interior work, this place could become a classic low key dance club.

Rex Ettleman was spinning when I got there, followed by DJ Turn from Seattle. Deeva went on next for some darker breaks and Paul-E followed up for a great set of techno trance which got most of the people (including me) to brave the heat and start dancing. My ride decided to leave at the end of Paul-E's set so, I missed Jon Boy once again:( BUT, the after party sure made up for it;)