The Octapus Project Review

I have to admit, when I heard this party was gonna be at the Dome, I too was a bit dissapointed. The Dome is known for gang activity and is located under the 7th Ave bridge: not the cleanest or safest place in town! But, once I got inside, I immediately felt the right vibe (or the right "impression" in case you are by now sick of the word "vibe").

Everyone seemed relaxed and cheerful and there were a lot of people dancing in every room. Pete "SuperMix" Salaz was giving the entrance room a warm buz while Bahamut and Z Trip were performing live on the main stage. They were very much appreciated by all the dancers and they played a long, solid set. Jason Ayers of "alien right brain" illuminted the walls of the main chill room with awsome videos and images. I think that is a great set up for a chill room: You can kick back and watch cool imagery while listening to great music playing in the next room. But, I think the chill room and the chill alley at Positive Energy were even more fun. Later, Korupt followed Pete and Emile took over the main room but, it was already time for me to head for a more intimate party:)

Great Party! Swell came through once again:)