Oracle Review

We left Phoenix at 4:20 pm and made a pact to get together at 4:20am at the party. Well, that didn't quite happen exactly as we planned. It's kinda hard finding your friends among 5,000 ravers.

When we arrived at around 9:30, there was already a long line af around 2,000 people there. One for the presale ticket holders and another for day of the show purchases. We bought our tickets and got in in less than an hour.

An entire city block was enclosed by 8' chainlinked fences and patrolled by numerous cops and security guards. Two of the biggest opposite buildings were used for the 4 dance areas and the dividing street served as the main chill area. There were around 20 different vendors and a multitude of various corners and crevisies for rest and privacy.

The main rooms consisted of a House Room, a Jungle Room, a Techno Room and a Happy Hardcore Room. All the rooms were quickly filled with people, fog and sweat. The sound and lighting were pretty crisp and clear and people were dancing almot all the time but, everyone needed to take quick breaks to go outside for some oxygen.

I found the L.A. crowd to be just as friendly as the Phoenix crowd. I just didn't see as many hugs and smiles as I see here. Mybe it's because here, more people know each other better. But, for the most part, everyone was very warm and welcomming.

I saw a few party crashers, the type of drunken jerks you see at some of the Vortex parties. They were quickly rounded up and tossed out by the police. Despite these incidents and all the noise and the huge crowd, the party never got shut down. Something like this wouldn't have lasted five seconds in Phoenix. Why is the Phoenix city so much against ravers? What are they so afraid of? God, I hate rednecks.

Anyway, eventhough it was a great party, I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I could have. I had been up for two nights and did all the driving down there. So, by morning sun, I was as dead as the birdshit on the sidewalk. We had breakfast at a smokeless Dennys and headed back to Phoenix by around 8:30 am.

I'm glad I went. I met some people from San Diego and they gave us flyers for Magical and officially invited us to the party. So, look for the pictures of that party 'cause I can already tell it's gonna be an awsome event.