Pause Review

When I got there around 11, I didn't see a line in the alley behind the Nile. So I thought this was gonna be another dud party. But when I got in, I found myself surrounded by 3,000 ravers. I don't know how they got all those people in so fast but, I gotta give them props for that. I also wanna give them props for security. This time, they were all very nice and free of any latent adolescent ego trips. In fact, I got to chat a little with Brian (the big guy at the door) who was wearing a Mr. Frisky necklace and was just as friendly and courteous as anyone inside.

At first, the crowded room was a bit overwhelming but, I soon got used to it and despite the fact that couple of the headliners were no show and there was barely enough room to dance I did enjoy myself a lot. Ms. Knight and Ghostribe played one of the few break beat sets that I actually enjoyed, followed by Len Sobeck, who played an awsome set of pumped up house. Gary Menichiello delivered an impressive set of hard trance as usual and Korupt wrapped up the show with a creative and uplifting set of hard techno.

I had second thoughts about this show. Even the person who came with me left after 5 minutes but, I'm glad I stuck around. I got some cool shots and heard a lot of great music. A lot of people complain about the Nile (as they always did about Vortex) but, everyone always seem to be enjoying themselves as long as the music is good. After all, isn't that what it's really about? Imagine if they outlawed raves here like they did in Tampa... we would gladly go back to even the Thrift Store if they'd bring it back. Maybe it's the spirit of Thanksgiving and I'm gettin' too charitable in counting my blessings... but, I hope not. I hope I can keep this attitude all year long. That way, I'll be able to enjoy EVERY party:)