Despite combining two great parties together with an impressive line up, this party was not very well attended. I heard there was another party at the Web Theater and that's where many people went. The vibe was alright but not many people were dancing. Some said it was too hot, but I remember Vortex used to feel a lot hotter and most people still danced their asses off. I think most people are just burned out from the scene and want to do other things on their weekends. And the new crowd just doesn't have the enthusiasm the old crowd had. Some people looked like they were there because they couldn't think of anything better to do. Still, most people looked like they were truly enjoying themselves and so did I.

But what REALLY pissed me off was the hassle I got from the security about wanting to bring a camera to the party. WHAT THE FUCK! What's the big deal about cameras? Whoever made that bullshit rule up about not allowing cameras in, better get over yourself. It's just a rave, OK! I thought VIP rooms were a joke but this is really pathetic. This is not what raving was about.


I agree totally with you Ramy (about the camera thing).. I saw like 4 people get their camera's taken away, luckily I ran into Paul (DTS) just as I was walking in and he made sure I got mine in ..... Security can just suck like that sometimes, but at least they're doing their job.

As for the party, I had alot of fun... I was psyched to see Woody McBride (DJ ESP) becuase he was the FIRST dj I ever saw :) ... Props to DTS and Sound Factory for a great party.

Dave K

I honestly thought that the party had NO vibe...NONE at all ! C'mon PHX, get back in the GROOVE !! Nigel Richards, and DJ Con' Fuscia though different in musical genre threw down awesome sets.. But the award for MVDJ(most valuable DJ) goes to DAISY !! Once again she was awesome ! and to top it off it was her B'day ! I think PHX needs to get back to the basics...NOT alot of decent parties, but a few GOOD, err GREAT ones...

Uno Ojo

well, i wanted to attend that party and friends that i knew went said its a good thing that i didnt go because it wasnt as good as the first phat chicks rule. maybe next time....

---== __()

Hi All,

There are a couple ways of looking at this particular party, there were some things going on that attendees probably wouldn't notice becauseit was all behind the scenes kinda stuff.

1 In defense of the promoters they had a good idea to combine the two partys and try to keep division of the scene from becoming part of a failure financially fo rboth of them.

2 I really think that we should keep partys down to 2 rooms, i'm gonna catch a lot of flak for that but think about it for a sec... vibe is derived from a mass of peeps, if the peeps are spread out among 4 areas, no vibe. Simple fact of #'s is that Phoenix can hardly ever break 2000 attendees shit 1500 from the last few partys weve done. it's almost like the keeping up with the Joneses syndeom of " hey L.A. has massives, we should have massives too" it's pointless and financially irresponsible to do this.

I personally have seen more promoters lose there ass this year nationwide ( we tour alot) than in any recent memory.

K.I.S.S keep it simple stupid! smaller partys= more vibe and a better chance of actually breaking even. Tom Marz will rent just the fuckin courtyard to a promoter if you want, then you just have that 1 room bam instant party. Anyhow you get what i mean....

As far as this party goes it was the first @ the icehouse for Sound factory and a couple elements that were production related got away from them, no bigee live and learn.

I'm going to stop ranting now.

burning retina
plur or we'll kick your fucking ass!

I thought the party was the shit. I'm dissappointed by the fact that alot of people think that if a party has a large turnout then it's tight. Not many people went to this party as usual, but I had a blast. Fuking Daisy was bad-ass. I dance my ass off. & it was totally freaking hot so that could've been a factor in y many weren't dancing.

But I agree with u Ramy--the scene is different now. We'll never be able to bring back the old spirit.....


The party was definetly missing a few elements, but I still kiked ass at the Ice House dat weekend. I danced soo sik dat night. I'm glad there was a smaller turnout then expected cuz it felt more intimate then at other raves. I luved laying down in the balloons, and I must give it up to the guy with the nitrous mask, thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

clint A.K.A. surfer

This party was kool. I was a little upset that Phat Chicks Rule wasn't exactly an all female line-up. Not that many people show'd up, suprisingly enough, saying they put 2 parties 2gether. 4 the most part I had fun and just danced my little ass off!

love, peace and
chicken grease

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