Every time I go to a rave I get something good out of it. This time, it was listening to Euphonic spin. It was fucking tight. Hard Trance the way it should be. Brutal and relentless like a hammering machine gun, his set kept pounding away at my chest. He gave away a few tapes at the end and I was lucky to score one. I listened to it on the way back and I felt like going to another rave already.

I was not there for Headroom. I wish they had scheduled him for after midnight. But all the rest did great. They also put some time into the decoration of the back room which usually isn't done. And the Piglet was flying everywhere, of course.

Great show - Good job guys, keep it coming:)


im sorry but i have to disagree with your review i think that this was one of the patys that i would have rather missed but i will admit that euphonic did pump up the crowd finally! in the back room the spekers kept blowin out and it got really old!this one defenetly did not rate well in my book!!!


Well I think this party had it's good points and bad points... When my friends dragged me downstairs to the HHC room I almost died from all the whistles and candied out little girls. However, the props were mind blowing the the main room was jumping most of the night. I saw some of the best dancers at this party, I couldn't believe some of the shit these guys were pulling. I was fortunate enough to go to an after party in a nearby apartment around 4 AM, and met a couple of the more veteran glowstickers... Nothing quite compares to being in a 1 room apartment with 20 people and no AC all doing whippits... It was quite a humorous experience.



hey guys!!


i know..i kind a late for write my my message..but anyways..i would like to ay that the rave were really kewl!!!...i ean it wasn't just the music..the people..and that stuff..it was the vibes too!!!!..it was realy tight!! it was my friend's first rave..and now she all like i like raving!!!!..thats what i wanted her to told me!!! anyways..enjoythe life while u can!!!

good vibes

see u guys soon!!

This was a double post:

Hey guys...this party was the bomb digity! I loved it!!! The DJ's were sooooo rad...and people were dancing everywhere!! I don't get to go to alot of parties...but I hope I can meet everyone some day! E-mail me!!! Oh yeah...there was a boy named Lucky that was there and I want to talk to him...if any one like knows if he has a e-mail or somethin...let me know...kekeke...well toodles!!!

This Party was a blast...I don't get to go a lot of parties...but I LOVE THEM!!!! The people we great...I saw the PLUR every where! Except for that one gal that had the leather pants on...kekeke...kay IM outi 5000.. LOve Much!


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