When it comes to providing great vibes, DTS and 100% Natural Groove are pretty hard to beat. As far as I'm concerned, this was the party that signalled a new season of positively charged rave events in Arizona.

We got there early (around 8:30) and there was only a handfull of cars outside. The venue is a 200 acre park called Family Fun Center. It is surrounded by hills and located just off the I-10 East about 40 miles South of Phoenix. The security and cops where all there but everyone was very relaxed and very friendly.

At the end of the vendor's line the ambient/chill tent was set up where DJ Skott was spinning. Next to it was the Ravesafe table with a lot of info in raving responsibly and safely. Almost everyone in the chill area was dancing and kicking up some dust. DJ Daisy was spinning on the main stage while Candyman was working hard to rig up the system without the main sound board which was left behind by accident in Phoenix.

There were numerous firepits around the area which were much appreciated and passionately guarded by a lot of cold ravers (by early dawn it felt like freezing temps). But, the great vibes and the beautiful music kept everyone's soul warm all night. Candyman finally got the sound up and DJ Slippe and Pepse started their sets. The night really belonged to Mars & Mystere. They made people dance like pagans on fire and scream in rapture and in return got a genuinely warm Arizona reception from hundreds of greatful ravers.

DJ Hadji also played a great set and Deepfreq brought the party to an awesome sunrise finale with a very cool set of his own original Drum and Base creation.

Thank you 100% Natural Groove and DTS for a memorable event and for bringing so much great music and soul back to Arizona.


This party was cold as as gets here in arizona in the month of april!!!!! there was so many people at this event there was no time for me to see all the people i knew. there was only one bad vibe that night and that was when i was a the fire pit and these 2 ravers got in a FIGHT!!!!!! there is no place for a fight at a rave even if you have 200 million miles of space to do so in. the cops and the security guards were all chill that night (lol) . they didn't stress on to many people so that was cool. all the Dj's kicked ass and the happy hardcore stage rocked. I'm not really into hardcore but the sound made it sound great thanku candyman and 100% natural groove for a killer party that didn't get broken up this time =-) P.L.U.R. to all the ravers out there. not just the candy kids and the E-driven cuddle puddles. C-ya all out there some where!!!

The eskimo

On behalf of the entire 100% Natural Groove/DTS crew (Paul, Jay, Daisy, Jill, Tim, Mike, Bill, Billy, Matt, Maria, Leland, Sam, Jay Eric, and Dustin) I would like to wholeheartedly thank each and every person for contributing to an AMAZING night!! Each person that came out on Saturday night made the vibe what it was, we just tried our best to give the night a jump start. Mars, Mystre, and Simon Apex completely rocked the dancefloors!! Our San Francisco friends were very impressed with the event and with the Arizona ravers, and I felt so proud to be a part the Arizona scene. When Simon Apex was on, it was just a sea of glowsticks, it was an amazing sight from a distance, a moment in my mind that no camera could possibly capture. Saturday night really proved that it is still about Peace, Love, Unity, Music, and Respect.

Now the tough part, trying to thank the people that contributed to making this event happen.. Piglet and his crew for inspiring us with a bold trip through Hyperspace and Beyond, Jay(Substation), Daisy, Jill, Michael, Tim(Citrik), Bill(Hadji), Billy(Traum), Dustin, Matt(Citrik's Brother), Maria, Leland, Ericka, Sammy(Dr.Seuss), Jay Eric, Dave Cordova, Denny(Nimh), Russ and the Swell Crew, Calvin and Joe(IDEA Prod.), Scott and the Candyman Crew, Laser Jason and the SonicWave Crew, Ravesafe, Ernie & Chantal, Clubthings.com, Ramy of Livingart.com, Mars, Mystre, Earcandy, Matt from Drop&Roll, Plastik, Soundfactory, Dick at Family Fun World, the incredibly friendly Eloy Police Dept, Proforce Security, Home Depot :), PepsE, Simon Apex, MC Sty-Lee, Core Deeezynes, Brian from UnEarthly, Alan Hokum, PRG, Steve(SlippE), Skott, Jason(Deepfreq), Synthjoy, Bodhi, Robert Eldridge, Just & Detox, Tyler(Phusion), our beloved DTS Family listers, and most importantly...the Arizona Ravers!!! Sorry if I forgot anyone.

Lots of Love,
100% Natural Groove/DTS

YO Much props goes out to all the DTS/100% Natural Groove crew, that put this awesome party towether, I was sober the whole night and I had tons of fun, even though it was really cold,Mars and Mystere had the crowd going crazy, It was worth the drive, and the vibe was great, Dr. Seuss spun an awesome set, can't wait for another great pawty. Keep up the great work......PEACE PLUR CHICO


This was an awesome party. The music was dope as fuck! Everyone came witha good vibe, and the security didn't give a damn what me and my friends did. This was one of the better parties i've been to in months.


I drove all the way from Santa Cruz, Caliornia for Piglet's Adventures because I am a truly devoted Mars and Mystre fan. I must say that it was well worth the 23 hours we spent in the car to drive to Arizona and back. We arrived early and I was very impressed with the decorations and the location. Once it got darker and the stars came out, I felt truly blessed to be outside under the wide open sky with hundreds of friendly Arizona ravers and a few devoted SF raver friends of mine. The sound systems were incredible, the lasers were amazing and the vibe was truly beautiful. Mystre, my favorite DJ, spun an amazing set playing many tracks that I haven't heard him play since F8 campout last June. I was right in front of the decks with my friends from SF: Erin, Jonathan, Anna, Traci, Jen and Julie. I was so happy to actually have room to DANCE since all the parties in SF have become so crowded. I was swaying and dancing all over the place with my eyes closed to both Mars and Mystre's sets. Both Mars and Mystre played incredible sets. In fact, it was so moving for me that I was crying with joy! As a devoted sober raver and trance-head, I find that trance music takes me places within myself that brings out true love, good energy, and deep spirituality. Piglet's Adventures was even more spiritual and joyful to me because of the location, the beautiful stars and the glowing faces of the Arizona kids soaking up the beautiful love and amazing energy that Mars and Mystre convey through their music. Thank you DTS and and 100% Natural Grooves for making Piglet's Adventures one of my most amazing and deeply emotional raving experiences.


Hmmm... where to start... How about Oh my gosh! Dis pawtE was BOMB. =) I have never had soo much fun in da cold. hehe. anywho. My night started out fun! We took three first timers, (Jai-lyn, John, and Nikole) which by the way it was Jai-lyns 18th birthday..(happy birthday..again) They all loved it.. =) Me, Leo, Kirk and krew arrived at about 11:30..and the security was soo dope. They were very PLURful hehe.. Anyway.. The music was pumpin when we got there and I was already lovin it.. I walked immediately to the happE stage where pepse was spinnin a pretty phat set.. I danced fer quite awhile, den got really cold and sat next to the muchly appreciated campfire for awhile. Den I chose to wander.. =) I saw MAD kiddz I knew which made me very happE since I hadn't partied since Funfair... After tawkin wif everyone..I heard an MC announcin sumpin on da happE stage..and I KNEW it was time for what I had been waitin 3 months for... SIMON APEX AND NIMH!! I RRRAANNN to the stage just as the set was beggining, and danced my ass off til the VERY end.. GosH! I was in heaven... They played Soo many of my favorite tracks..and a LOT of well known choons. Anyways..after that hard of dancing and singing for that LONG..i was tired..so I sat by the campfire for the rest of the morning swaying back in forth to the music (also trying to keep warm) Well allz I gotz to say is THANK YoU DTS AND 100% NATuRAL GROOVES for a GREAT nite!! =)


Well, all the above reviews have said it . . . but I'll say it again. . .Piglet's rocked my world so hard I almost couldn't take it. The Family was all there and the beats kept all the Kidz happy. Thank you Paul & the rest of the DTS/100% Natural Groove crew. We love ya much for giving us party after kick-ass party. Thank you Michael and Citrik for all your beats, we can't hug you enough for the treats you give us!! Greetings to all the kidz: Rudy, Shawn-e, Pat, Peter, Jason, Duckie, Nobody, Carl, Bambi, ... and all the rest of the Family. Hagz and gigglez to all!! XOXOX

Thanks from the Fresh Beats Crew!

Well I went to Culture Beets and watched Heretic litterally rock the place so hard that all of the E-Tards couldnt even dance!They all just stood there in amazment and watched Drool fall out of each others mouth,then Jessie Brooks came on and played the Funky,Organic,Delicious,Brakey House and set the evening beautifuly.And all I can say is that NO one has a Betta Vibe than the 520 Kidz!!!!!!

Tucson Kid

Well well well, All I have to say is that Audiotistic FUCKIN rocked!!!To all of you that didnt go,Im sorry,but you missed out on one of the BEST parties Ive ever been to!Every room went off!!! There was 35,000 people,the OFFICIAL count including 2000 on the guest list.And everyone stayed and shared a Great time,a great Vibe and all in all A BOMB-ASS time.I highly suggest you all go to Electric Daisy Carnival on June 24 and experience a Beautiful thing.

Insomniac Arizona

Mad Prop's to you PAUL, and the DTS / 100% NATURAL GROOVE kid's. Without a doubt I knew the go off the hook, just like every other night you guys provide for us. Keep up the good work, and may we all keep the VIBE ALIVE :):):):)....

Robert Eldridge

MFrom all the reviews and stuff i just read....i could SLAP myself for not going to this party. UGH Oh well, Piglet 2??? hehehe


it lookEd likE a dopE party but you can't bitch at mE for not bEing thErE:) sorry i missEd it but i was back in chicago partting. bE thErE nExt timE i promisE


DTS is the shit period.Nobody else consitently throws dope ass partys.You guys keep the seen alive and make it what it is.THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s.special thanks to michael for droppin "too much rain" it made my morning.


Piglet was the most awesome party in such a long time & I saw so many people that I hadn*t seen forEVER!! : ) Everyone was happy & I spent most of the night just wandering around! & when *Michael* did TOO MUCH RAIN in the morning I was ecstatic! : )


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